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Jimmy Atkinson

Top Questions to Ask Before Investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund

What are the biggest questions you should ask before investing in an Opportunity Zone fund? With many investors facing a year-end deadline for rolling over their capital gains into an Opportunity Zone investment, know which questions to ask any fund manager before writing that big check. Click the play button below to listen to today’s

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Chad LaComb

How Regional EDA Groups Can Leverage Opportunity Zones, with Chad LaComb

How can a regional economic development planning commission help their communities leverage their Opportunity Zone designations? Invest Acadiana serves as a perfect example. Chad LaComb is the economic development planner for the Acadiana Planning Commission (APC), a regional EDA organization located in Lafayette, Louisiana. APC has partnered with their regional chamber of commerce and community

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Brian Darmody

University Research Parks and Opportunity Zones, with Brian Darmody

Can university research parks, incubators, and accelerators catalyze innovation in Opportunity Zones? Brian Darmody is CEO of the Association of University Research Parks (AURP). Many of AURP’s member institutions are located in Opportunity Zones. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Brian. Episode Highlights Background on the Association of University Research

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Clem Turner

Securities Law Considerations for Opportunity Zone Funds, with Clem Turner

What securities laws should Qualified Opportunity Fund issuers be aware of before they start raising capital from investors? And what are the major differences between the different types of private placement offerings? Clem Turner is a New York-based corporate and securities attorney for CSG He leads the firm’s alternative capital practice and specializes in Opportunity

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Erik Hayden

Opportunity Zone Investing in Silicon Valley, with Urban Catalyst

Does the Silicon Valley tech migration create a unique investment case for ground-up development in fast-growing downtown San Jose’s Opportunity Zones? Erik Hayden is founder and managing partner at Urban Catalyst, a Silicon Valley-based real estate developer and Opportunity Zone fund manager. Click the play button below to listen to the condensed audio recording of

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