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IRS Building

IRS releases second tranche of opportunity zones guidance

The long-awaited second tranche of regulations on Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds has been approved by OIRA and is now available for public comment. Click here to read the new regulations. The 169-page regulatory document is more than twice the size of the first tranche of guidance that was released last October and clarifies most

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Chris Paganelli

Chris Paganelli: How to Assess OZ Funds (Podcast Episode #22)

What are some due diligence best practices that every investor should undertake before investing in a Qualified Opportunity Fund? Chris Paganelli is a San Francisco Bay Area-based financial advisor at wealth management firm Stifel. He advises high net worth clients on tax strategy, wealth preservation, and portfolio management — with a recent focus on qualified

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Jill Homan

Jill Homan: OZ Perspective from Washington DC (Podcast Episode #20)

What is the mood in Washington regarding the Opportunity Zones policy? And what should we expect from the second tranche of IRS regulations on Qualified Opportunity Funds? Jill Homan is founder and president of Javelin 19 Investments, a Washington DC-based commercial real estate investor, developer, and Opportunity Zones advisor. She testified at the IRS hearing

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John Cochrane

OZ Framework: Measuring Impact in Opportunity Zones (Podcast Episode #18)

Should the Treasury Department impose a community impact reporting requirement on Opportunity Zone investing? And what would a reporting framework even look like? Earlier this year, the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance, in partnership with Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, created the Opportunity Zones Reporting Framework — a guideline that defines best

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Josh Burrell & Lane Campbell

Activated Capital: Blockchain Technology for Opportunity Zone Investing (Podcast Episode #17)

Can blockchain technology revolutionize Opportunity Zones real estate investing? Security token offerings utilizing distributed ledger technology enables tokenization of assets, increased liquidity, reduction of costs, and improved transaction speed. And it has the potential to change how properties are sold and how deals are recorded. Josh Burrell and Lane Campbell at Activated Capital have an

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Kresge Foundation

Kresge Foundation awards grants to 2 OZ funds

The Kresge Foundation today announced that it is committing $22 million to Opportunity Zone funds offered by Arctaris and Community Capital Management. In June of last year, Kresge — in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation — announced an open call for letters of inquiry from fund managers who were planning qualified opportunity fund offerings. In

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Downtown Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, CO taps breaks on Opportunity Zones development

The city of Boulder, Colorado has seemingly been wary of the federal Opportunity Zones tax incentive since the very beginning. Only one of 12 eligible census tracts within the city was recommended to state leaders. And now, that one opportunity zone (census tract #08013012203) is subject to an emergency permitting moratorium while the city sorts

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