Opportunity Zone Service Providers

Complex financial transactions require professional experience from a number of players to ensure smooth operation for qualified opportunity funds, businesses, and real estate developers. The following service providers are recommended by OpportunityDb to Opportunity Zone participants.

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Fund Administration

Fund administration firms provide back- and middle-office administration of complex financial transactions common in private equity and commercial real estate investing as well as compliance reporting.

Agora AltX (Phoenix, AZ)

Agora AltX uses distributed ledger technology to provide records of financial transactions. They also provide OZ eligibility testing at the fund and business level, and sub-accounting and documentation management at the investor level. More info: Visit AgoraAltX.com

NES Financial (San Jose, CA)

NES Financial specializes in EB-5 and Opportunity Zone fund administration. They have developed a best-in-class online fund performance portal for fund managers and investors. NES Financial services more than 190 funds and administers over $20 billion annually. More info: Visit NESFinancial.com

Fund Development

OZ Pros (Charlotte, NC)

Ashley Tison and Jimmy Atkinson at OZ Pros offer fund formation and fund management services for those looking to start a Qualified Opportunity Fund and/or Qualified Opportunity Zone Business. Listen to Ashley’s interview on the Opportunity Zones Podcast. More info: Create an Opportunity Zone Fund at OZ Pros


EazyDoIt (Virginia Beach, VA)

EazyDoIt offers turnkey qualified opportunity fund creation for businesses and real estate projects seeking capital through the Opportunity Zones program. EazyDoIt develops fund plan and strategy, prepares financial and legal docs, creates fund branding and offering memoranda. Listen to founder David Sillaman’s interview on the Opportunity Zones Podcast. More info: Visit EazyDoIt.com

Legal Advisory

GreenbergTraurig (Tampa, FL)

Leading Opportunity Zones tax expert James O. Lang at GreenbergTrauig represents funds, investors, lenders, community development entities, and project sponsors in complex transactions requiring incentive financing through programs such as Opportunity Zones, NMTC, and other tax credits. More info: Visit GTLaw.com

Reihsen & Associates (Dallas, TX)

Reihsen & Associates, led by four-decade attorney Gerry Reihsen, is a law firm that assists clients in optimizing their businesses, raising capital, undertaking mergers & acquisitions, and negotiating and completing contractual arrangements of all types. The firm has a special expertise in structuring investment funds, syndications, and businesses under the Opportunity Zone statute. More info: Visit Reihsen & Associates

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr (Miami, FL)

Saul Ewing partner Ronald Fieldstone is a tax law expert in the EB-5 and Opportunity Zones space. He and the other attorneys at Saul Ewing help guide developers, investors, business and property owners, and other real estate participants by structuring qualified opportunity funds, analyzing OZ investment opportunities, assisting with financing, and providing ongoing compliance. More info: Visit Saul.com

Taxation & Accounting Advisory

CohnReznick (Baltimore, MD)

CohnReznick tax practice partner Tim Trifilo advises clients on structuring and forming private equity funds and public and private REITs, specializing in opportunity funds, venture capital, and institutional investing. More info: Visit CohnReznick.com

Novogradac & Company (San Francisco, CA)

Novogradac managing partner Mike Novogradac has been a leading educator in the Opportunity Zones space since the Act was passed in late 2017. He has more than 30 years experience in real estate taxation, specializing in affordable housing, community development, historic preservation, and renewable energy. More info: Visit Novogradac.com

RubinBrown (Princeton, NJ)

RubinBrown partner Tony Nitti is a contributor to Forbes and AICPA’s Tax Adviser magazine. He has 20 years of tax accounting experience focusing on corporate and partnership tax planning. Listen to Tony Nitti’s interview on the Opportunity Zones Podcast. More info: Visit RubinBrown.com

Opportunity Zone Services

Coasis Coalition Companies PB LLC (Dallas, TX)

Coasis Coalition Companies PB LLC is a public benefit company that provides support, services and products to the Opportunity Zone ecosystem. Among other services to the industry, Coasis provides consulting to government economic development agencies, real estate developers, Opportunity Zone-located businesses, Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds, and impact investors as to the strategies to best make use of the Opportunity Zone capital and Opportunity Zone tax benefits. Coasis also organizes highly transaction-oriented conferences and other events which also provide professional education and advancement to Opportunity Zone participants. Listen to founder Gerry Reihsen’s interview on the Opportunity Zones Podcast. More info: Visit CoasisCoalition.com