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Jimmy Atkinson, Ashley Tison, Howard Matalon, and Reid Thomas

COVID-19 Relief for Opportunity Zone Businesses, a Zoom Meeting with OZ Pros

Congress has passed three phases of coronavirus relief packages, with a fourth potentially on the way soon. How can Opportunity Zone businesses seek relief? And how can Opportunity Zones assist with economic recovery? OZ Pros hosted a Zoom meeting with 80 of the most engaged Opportunity Zones participants in our network. The Zoom meeting included presentations from Ashley Tison (OZ Pros), Howard Matalon (OlenderFeldman), and

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Chris Montgomery

Creating Catalytic Impact in Rural Opportunity Zones, with Chris Montgomery

What is an OZ fund on Colorado’s western slope doing to spark catalytic impact and serve the long-term needs of rural communities? Chris Montgomery is partner at Four Points Funding, whose Opportunity Zone fund was recently awarded the Grand Prize as the Forbes OZ 20’s Top Rural Opportunity Zone Fund Catalyst by Forbes and the Sorenson Impact Foundation. Click the play button below to listen

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Craig Bernstein

COVID-19: Impact on Financial Markets and Opportunity Zones, with Craig Bernstein

How will the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affect financial markets and Opportunity Zones? Craig Bernstein is principal of OPZ Capital, which launched the OPZ Capital Opportunity Zone Fund in 2018. Craig has over 20 years of real estate experience, and is a prominent thought leader in the Opportunity Zones industry. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Craig. Episode Highlights How the

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How the Opportunity Zone program works...

Step 1:
Defer Capital Gains

When you invest your capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, you can defer those gains until December 31, 2026.

Step 2:
Reduce Capital Gains

When you invest your capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, you can reduce your capital gains by up to 15% after a 7-year holding period.

Step 3:
Pay Zero Capital Gains Tax

You pay zero capital gains taxes on your investment growth within a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund after a 10-year holding period.

Opportunity Zones

By The Numbers

Census Tracts

The total number of census tracts certified as Opportunity Zones by the U.S. Treasury. (Full List)

$ 1

Unrealized capital gains eligible for Opportunity Zones investment and tax treatment. (Source)

$ 1

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s estimate of private capital that will flow into Opportunity Zones. (Source)

What the experts say...

I think there's going to be over $100 billion of private capital that will be invested in opportunity zones. ... This will unlock lots of capital that was tied up that never would have been sold to reinvest in these communities.
This will be the biggest economic development program in U.S. history. It will move 30 times as much capital as the next biggest economic development program that exists right now.

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