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OpportunityDb provides Opportunity Zone data, tools, and educational resources to help you participate in the federal Opportunity Zone initiative — creating massive tax savings and catalyzing positive social impact in under-invested areas of our country.

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Opportunity Zone News

How the Opportunity Zone Incentive Works

Benefit #1:
Capital Gains Deferral

When you invest a capital gain in a Qualified Opportunity Fund, recognition of your gain is deferred until December 31, 2026.

Benefit #2:
Capital Gains Reduction

After holding your Opportunity Zone investment for a 5-year period, your initial capital gain recognition is reduced by 10%.

Benefit #3:
Capital Gains Exclusion

Any capital gain resulting from your Opportunity Zone investment is tax-free after holding for at least 10 years.

Opportunity Zones

By The Numbers

Census Tracts

The total number of census tracts certified as Opportunity Zones by the U.S. Treasury. (Full List)

$ 1

Unrealized capital gains eligible for Opportunity Zones investment and tax treatment. (Source)

$ 1

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s estimate of private capital that will flow into Opportunity Zones. (Source)

What the Experts Say...

I think there's going to be over $100 billion of private capital that will be invested in opportunity zones. ... This will unlock lots of capital that was tied up that never would have been sold to reinvest in these communities.
This will be the biggest economic development program in U.S. history. It will move 30 times as much capital as the next biggest economic development program that exists right now.

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