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Steve Christiano

How Foreign Taxpayers Can Invest in Opportunity Zones, with Steve Christiano

What types of foreign investors may be ideal candidates for Opportunity Zone investing? And is there an opportunity for OZ fund sponsors to raise capital overseas? Stephen Christiano is an associate tax director of Frank Hirth’s business tax group, specializing in U.S. business taxation and Opportunity Zones. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Steve. Note: This podcast interview was recorded

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Ruben Alonso & Emily Lecuyer

How CDFIs Can Help Raise Opportunity Zone Capital

What is a Community Development Financial Institution, or CDFI? And how can Opportunity Zone fund sponsors, real estate developers, and QOZB business owners leverage their local CDFIs as a capital raising resource? Ruben Alonso is president of AltCap, a CDFI headquartered in Kansas City. Emily Lecuyer is managing director of Equity², an affiliate of AltCap. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation

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Tony Nitti

IRS Final Regulations on Opportunity Zones, with Tony Nitti

Final regulations on Opportunity Zones have been issued by the IRS. What are the most meaningful changes and additions to be aware of? Tony Nitti is an Aspen-based real estate tax law expert, CPA, and tax services partner at RubinBrown. He serves on the editorial advisory board for The Tax Adviser. He’s also a regular contributor at Forbes.com, where his latest article breaks down Opportunity

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How the Opportunity Zone program works...

Step 1:
Defer Capital Gains

When you invest your capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, you can defer those gains until December 31, 2026.

Step 2:
Reduce Capital Gains

When you invest your capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, you can reduce your capital gains by up to 15% after a 7-year holding period.

Step 3:
Pay Zero Capital Gains Tax

You pay zero capital gains taxes on your investment growth within a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund after a 10-year holding period.

Opportunity Zones

By The Numbers

Census Tracts

The total number of census tracts certified as Opportunity Zones by the U.S. Treasury. (Full List)

$ 1

Unrealized capital gains eligible for Opportunity Zones investment and tax treatment. (Source)

$ 1

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s estimate of private capital that will flow into Opportunity Zones. (Source)

What the experts say...

I think there's going to be over $100 billion of private capital that will be invested in opportunity zones. ... This will unlock lots of capital that was tied up that never would have been sold to reinvest in these communities.
This will be the biggest economic development program in U.S. history. It will move 30 times as much capital as the next biggest economic development program that exists right now.

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