Webinars for Opportunity Zone Investors

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Upcoming Webinars

OZ Pitch Day 2021 – Summer Session

July 27, 2021 — A one-day online Opportunity Zone investor matchmaking event.

On-Demand Webinars

The Carlysle QOZ Project by Acquity Realty

Jimmy Atkinson of OpportunityDb and Greg Ovalle of Acquity Realty discuss a 21-story, mixed-use Class A hi-rise building Opportunity Zone project located two blocks from Google’s new 80-acre San Jose campus. Webinar Highlights Background on Acquity Realty, their track record, and what makes their single-asset “accidental Opportunity Zone” project unique.The bull case for San Jose and built-in demand from GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Adobe).The partnership with Webcor / ObayashiDetails on The Carlysle property and projected returns. Featured on This Webinar Greg OvalleAcquity RealtyThe Carlysle Industry Spotlight: Acquity Realty Headquartered in San Jose, Acquity Realty generated long-term wealth through a…

Family Office Strategies for Opportunity Zone Investing

How are family offices investing in Opportunity Zones? And what are some of the biggest considerations that family offices take into account when deploying an Opportunity Zone investing strategy? Jeff Feinstein of Pinnacle Partners, John Sciarretti of Novgradac & Company, and DJ Van Keuren of Evergreen Property Partners join Jimmy Atkinson on today’s webinar. Webinar Highlights Brief overview of Opportunity Zones.Trusts and estate related matters, including GSTs.Selling real estate located in an Opportunity Zone.Pre-TCO Opportunity Zone projects for cash flow.Opportunity Zones as impact/ESG investing.Opportunity Zones under the Biden administration.The latest data on how family offices are investing in Opportunity Zones.…