The Rise Of Self-Storage Real Estate, With Russ Colvin

The self-storage industry is booming.

Russ Colvin, CEO and president of YourSpace America, joins the show to share his insights on the unique advantages of self-storage real estate development within Opportunity Zones, emphasizing the sector’s resilience and potential for outsized returns.

Episode Highlights

  • How customer retention and delinquency rates within the self-storage industry compare to other real estate sectors.
  • The structural demand drivers that continue to offer significant returns in the self storage sector.
  • How different classes of customers are leading to a surge in demand for newer Gen V climate-controlled self-storage facilities.
  • The criteria that Russ considers before investing in a self-storage project, including market undersupply, favorable demographic trends, and site visibility.
  • How investments in self-storage development projects are often ideally suited for tax-advantaged Opportunity Zone funds.

Guest: Russ Colvin, YourSpace America

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