7 Opportunity Zone Investing Insights – Andy Hagans & Jimmy Atkinson

The true potential of the Opportunity Zone program has largely been left unlocked. In this episode, Andy Hagans & Jimmy Atkinson share 7 OZ insights that every investor should know.

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Episode Highlights

  • How big the Opportunity Zone program really is.
  • Why many sophisticated OZ investors aren’t asking “how soon”, but rather “how long” when it comes to hold duration.
  • How cost segregation adds significantly to triple-net returns for OZ investors.
  • Two surprising asset classes that can be held inside a QOF (including real world examples).
  • My prediction on what happens with OZ legislation at the end of this year.

Today’s Co-host: Andy Hagans, AltsDb

Andy Hagans, CEO of AltsDb

About Today’s Episode

Today’s episode is a re-post of an episode that originally aired on The Alternative Investment Podcast. Please visit the show notes page on AltsDb.com for the transcript and more information.

7 Opportunity Zone Investing Insights

About The Opportunity Zones Podcast

Hosted by OpportunityDb.com founder Jimmy Atkinson, The Opportunity Zones Podcast features guest interviews from fund managers, advisors, policymakers, tax professionals, and other foremost experts in opportunity zones.

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Show Transcript

This episode originally aired on The Alternative Investment Podcast. Please view the show notes on AltsDb.com to read the transcript.

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