Opportunity Zone

Census Tract 8703

New London County, CT
NameCensus Tract 8703

Square Miles1.5
People per square mile4,246.2

Below Poverty Line41.1%

Number Of Households1,657
Per Capita Income$14,688
Median Household Income$24,805
Opportunity Zone Designation TypeLow-Income Community
Median Age21.6
Age0 To96
Age10 To1927
Age20 To2937
Age30 To395
Age40 To495
Age50 To595
Age60 To697
Age70 To791
Age80 Plus2
Sex Male48
Sex Female51
Race White50
Race Black12
Race Native0
Race Asian2
Race Islander0
Race Other0
Race Two Plus5
Race Hispanic28
Hhi Under5073
Hhi50 To10013
Hhi100 To20012
Hhi200 Plus0
Children Poverty57
Seniors Poverty46
Travel To Work72.7
Trace Persons Per Household2.1
Marital Status15
Housing Units1,767
Occupied Housing93
Vacant Housing6
Owner Occupied15
Renter Occupied84
Structure Singleunit20
Structure Multiunit79
Structure Mobile0
Structure Boat0
Median Home Value145,500
Home Value Under1005
Home Value100 To20066
Home Value200 To30021
Home Value300 To4006
Home Value400 To5000
Geo Mobility26.8
Edu High School76.2
Edu Bachelor21.8
Language5 To17 English31
Language5 To17 Spanish36
Language5 To17 Indoeuropean32
Language5 To17 Asian0
Language5 To17 Other0
Language18 Plus English72
Language18 Plus Spanish20
Language18 Plus Indoeuropean3
Language18 Plus Asian2
Language18 Plus Other1
Foreign Born16.6

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