Opportunity Zone

Census Tract 1422

New Haven County, CT
NameCensus Tract 1422
CityNew Haven

Square Miles0.3
People per square mile4,338.1

Below Poverty Line13.9%

Number Of Households917
Per Capita Income$53,448
Median Household Income$67,917
Opportunity Zone Designation TypeLow-Income Community
Median Age36.5
Age0 To93
Age10 To190
Age20 To2922
Age30 To3928
Age40 To4913
Age50 To5912
Age60 To699
Age70 To794
Age80 Plus4
Sex Male50
Sex Female49
Race White70
Race Black6
Race Native0
Race Asian9
Race Islander0
Race Other0
Race Two Plus3
Race Hispanic9
Hhi Under5036
Hhi50 To10030
Hhi100 To20023
Hhi200 Plus8
Children Poverty8
Seniors Poverty19
Travel To Work94.2
Trace Persons Per Household1.6
Marital Status31
Housing Units970
Occupied Housing94
Vacant Housing5
Owner Occupied27
Renter Occupied72
Structure Singleunit7
Structure Multiunit90
Structure Mobile0
Structure Boat0
Median Home Value400,000
Home Value Under1001
Home Value100 To20026
Home Value200 To3007
Home Value300 To40013
Home Value400 To50029
Geo Mobility25.8
Edu High School92.4
Edu Bachelor71.6
Language5 To17 English0
Language5 To17 Spanish0
Language5 To17 Indoeuropean100
Language5 To17 Asian0
Language5 To17 Other0
Language18 Plus English77
Language18 Plus Spanish5
Language18 Plus Indoeuropean12
Language18 Plus Asian4
Language18 Plus Other0
Foreign Born20.6

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