Census Tract 7.03, Anchorage, Alaska

Census Tract 7.03 is a Low-Income CommunityOpportunity Zone located in Anchorage, Alaska.

This 1.1 square milecensus tract has a population of approximately 5,600and is one of 7 Opportunity Zones in Anchorage Municipality.

The adjacent map shows the location of this Opportunity Zone in Alaska.

Census Tract 7.03 Demographics

The charts below illustrate how this Opportunity Zone compares to the broader city, county, and state on various socioeconomic indicators:

Median Household Income


This Opportunity Zone has a median household incomeof approximately $63,000, which is 16% lowerthan the median household income for the state of Alaska of $75,000.

Poverty Rate


The percentage of households below the poverty line in this Opportunity Zone is 23%, which is 13% higherthan the rate for the state of Alaska of 10%.

Median Home Value


This Opportunity Zone has a median home valueof approximately $190,000, which is 32% lowerthan the median home value for the state of Alaska of $280,000.



This Opportunity Zone has a percentage of population with high school diplomaof approximately 92%, which is 2% lowerthan the rate for the state of Alaska of 94%.

Median Age


This Opportunity Zone has a median ageof approximately 28, which is 20% lowerthan the median age for the state of Alaska of 35.

Alaska OZ Funds

There is 1QOZ Fundin the OpportunityDb database with an investment objective that specifically identify Alaskaas a target market. Additional OZ funds may also invest in Alaska; see a complete list of Opportunity Zone Funds here.

Fund Name Asset Classes Property Types Fund Size
PEG Opportunity Zone Impact Investors LP Real Estate Hotel, Multi-Famliy Housing, Residential, Retail $300M

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