Opportunity Zone Project

Powahatan Place

Ranson, WV

Project Summary

The Powhatan Place (former foundry on Mildred Street) community's ultimate goal is to create a more livable and sustainable community in Old Town Ranson and Charles Town - a place where residents can live where they work, walk to shop, and have easy access to nature and recreation. In order to lay the groundwork for this ambitious objective, Ranson purchased the former Kidde Brass Foundry site located in the Corridor from United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in 2009 after conducting All Appropriate Inquiries.

The overall redevelopment strategy is based on a few key community planning and urban design principals in order to achieve success:

Link the three blocks between Seventh Avenue and Beltline Avenue from Preston Street west to the Norfolk Southern rail line into one comprehensive mixed-use neighborhood.

Reinforce the community's desire to establish a traditional walk-able downtown by clustering retail / office mixed-uses along North Mildred Street. The Kidde Manufacturing Plant has nearly 350 feet of road frontage along this important commercial corridor. The plan proposes to reuse some of the existing buildings along with several new buildings designed to create a vibrant and attractive commercial main street environment.

Create a place-making landmark within the N. Mildred Street Corridor that establishes an identity for the neighborhood. This would be achieved by special streetscaping treatments including extensive landscaping and the integration of rain gardens into public spaces. These elements would highlight the new intersection with the proposed Powhatan Boulevard, that extends through the newly established residential areas and existing neighborhoods beyond.

Provide an opportunity to develop a mix of housing types to established enough new residential density to support new retail development and create 24 hour vibrancy in the city's core.

Integrate rich and diverse public spaces, recreation areas, trails and green infrastructure into the design to create a desirable and environmentally responsive neighborhood.

Project Data

Asset ClassBusiness
Property TypeSingle-Family Housing


Opportunity Zone Census Tract Number54037972800
Date updatedMay 1, 2020 (6 months ago)

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