List of Austin, Texas Opportunity Zones & OZ Funds

The city of Austin, Texashas 18 designated Opportunity Zones.

In total these Opportunity Zones have a population of approximately 100,000. That represents 11% of the city’s total population of 980,000.

The median household incomefor Austin Opportunity Zones ranges from approximately $39,000 to $92,000.

The adjacent map shows all Opportunity Zones in Austin. Click on any Opportunity Zone for additional information.

List of All Austin OZs

The table below lists all 18Opportunity Zones in Austin. The first two rows reflect average values for the state of Texasand the Opportunity Zones in the state.

Name County Median Household Income Below Poverty Line Median Home Value Edu High School Median Age
All of Texas n/a $64K 14% $200K 85% 35
Texas OZ Average n/a $54K 25% $230K 77% 33
48453001712 Travis $66K 15% $340K 92% 38
48453001804 Travis $39K 28% $249K 83% 33
48453001832 Travis $58K 11% $242K 91% 39
48453001842 Travis $56K 21% $159K 77% 31
48453002106 Travis $92K 9% $349K 90% 39
48453002109 Travis $54K 20% $318K 86% 39
48453002111 Travis $54K 26% $282K 72% 35
48453002112 Travis $41K 33% $321K 76% 32
48453002307 Travis $48K 17% $241K 86% 34
48453002312 Travis $42K 26% $156K 63% 29
48453002313 Travis $44K 26% $275K 86% 29
48453002319 Travis 97% 70% 33
48453002410 Travis $56K 15% $199K 84% 35
48453002411 Travis $42K 22% $112K 61% 31
48453002413 Travis $39K 35% $132K 61% 28
48453002427 Travis $46K 16% $157K 61% 30
48453002432 Travis $78K 13% $211K 74% 33
48453002435 Travis $62K 14% $165K 76% 34

Texas OZ Funds

There are 32QOZ Fundsin the OpportunityDb database with an investment objective that specifically identify Texasas a target market. Additional OZ funds may also invest in Texas; see a complete list of Opportunity Zone Funds here.

Fund Name Asset Classes Property Types Fund Size
Starpoint Opportunity Zone Fund Premium Listing Real Estate Industrial, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing $100M
3LB Equities Opportunity Zone Fund Real Estate Affordable Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Residential $150M
Alliant Strategic Opportunity Zone Fund I, LLC Business, Real Estate Affordable Housing, Mixed-Use, Workforce Housing $125M
Alpha Opportunity Zone Fund I Real Estate Affordable Housing, Residential, Student Housing $250M
Blueprint Texas Business, Real Estate Commercial, Residential $25M
Cedar Creek Lake Opportunity Fund Real Estate Senior Housing $30M
Clearinghouse CDFI Opportunity Fund Real Estate $25M
Coastal Bend OZ Fund 1 Real Estate Multi-Family Housing $3M
Community Outcome Fund Business, Real Estate Commercial, Infrastructure, Mixed-Use, Residential $500M
CTC Opportunity Fund LLC Business Healthcare $6M
Durango RE SPE, LLC Real Estate $9M
Elite Opportunity Fund, Inc. Business Energy Development $250M
First Harvest Opportunity Fund Business Farmland $100M
Fundrise Opportunity Fund Real Estate Commercial, Mixed-Use, Residential $500M
GoodHorn Senior Living Opportunity Zone Fund Real Estate Residential, Senior Housing $6M
GTIS Qualified Opportunity Fund Real Estate Industrial, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Single-Family Housing, Student Housing, Warehouse $350M
Hemp OZ Fund Business $50M
HEX Fund Business, Real Estate Residential $500K
Kress OZ LP Real Estate Commercial, Office, Parking $20M
Maxus Opportunity Fund I Real Estate Commercial, Residential $500M
Midas Opportunity Zone Fund Real Estate Hotel $35M
Milhaus QOZ Fund VII Real Estate Commercial, Multi-Family Housing $59M
NORF 4 Opportunity Zone Fund Commercial, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Student Housing, Workforce Housing $50M
Origin Investments QOZ Fund Real Estate Commercial, Residential $200M
Peachtree Hotel Group Real Estate Hotel $100M
PICOZ Fund I Real Estate Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Single-Family Housing $100M
Pilot & Legacy Opportunity Fund, LLC Real Estate Workforce Housing $50M
REICO Business, Real Estate Commercial, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Storage $150M
The Fund of OZ Fund Business, Real Estate Affordable Housing, Mixed-Use
Vertical Farm Opportunity Fund I, LLC Real Estate Farmland $30M
Virtua Opportunity Zone Fund I Real Estate Hotel, Industrial, Office, Residential $200M
Woodforest CEI-Boulos Opportunity Fund Real Estate Workforce Housing $22M

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