Opportunity Zones In 2023

In many ways, Opportunity Zones have exceeded initial expectations, roughly four-and-a-half years into the place-based tax policy.

To kick off the new year, OpportunityDb founder Jimmy Atkinson recaps the current state of the Opportunity Zone marketplace, and what may lie in store for OZs in 2023.

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Episode Highlights

  • The current state of the Opportunity Zones marketplace, including a recap of 2022 and look-ahead to 2023, given the current state of the economy.
  • How the Opportunity Zones reform legislation introduced last April failed to pass in 2022, and speculation on how it may be re-introduced in the new session of Congress.
  • A preview of OpportunityDb’s schedule of OZ Pitch Day events in 2023.
Jimmy Atkinson on the Opportunity Zones Podcast

About The Opportunity Zones Podcast

Hosted by OpportunityDb.com founder Jimmy Atkinson, The Opportunity Zones Podcast features guest interviews from fund managers, advisors, policymakers, tax professionals, and other foremost experts in opportunity zones.

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OZ Pitch Day

March 7, 2024