Developing Oregon’s Opportunity Zones, With Vanessa Sturgeon

Oregon has been scrutinized for some of the state’s Opportunity Zone selections, particularly those in downtown Portland.

Vanessa Sturgeon, founder of Sturgeon Development Partners, joins the show to discuss how the Opportunity Zone nominating process unfolded in Oregon, why it was so controversial, and where her firm is developing in the state.

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Episode Highlights

  • The uniqueness of the Opportunity Zone nominating process in Oregon and Portland in particular.
  • How the census tracts in Portland may be in danger of losing their Opportunity Zone status, should the OZ reform legislation get passed with the early disqualification provision for high-income tracts.
  • Why such early disqualification may provide an opportunity for the state of Oregon to nominate new tracts as Opportunity Zones.
  • Updates on Sturgeon Development’s two Opportunity Zone projects, including a Hilton Hotel in Salem and a multifamily building in inner southeast Portland.
  • How Sturgeon Development Partners sources most of its Opportunity Zone investors.
  • How the Opportunity Zone incentive provides a unique opportunity for over-concentrated stock market investors to take some low basis chips off the table and diversify into real estate.
  • A high-level overview of some of the key differences between 1031s and Opportunity Zones.

Today’s Guest: Vanessa Sturgeon, Sturgeon Development Partners

Vanessa Sturgeon on the Opportunity Zones Podcast

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