Community Activation In Opportunity Zones, With Chris Cooley

Community activation may be the key to long-term success of Opportunity Zones.

Chris Cooley, CEO of OZworks Group, joins episode #200 of the Opportunity Zones Podcast to discuss OZ advocacy, why community-led OZ projects are crucial to the long-term success of the initiative, and updates on the progress of OZworks Group’s online community.

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Episode Highlights

  • What OZworks Group is, and how it has grown since its launch last year.
  • The value in bringing together all of the different types of Opportunity Zone stakeholders in one central community.
  • Why advocacy of Opportunity Zone reform is crucially important to ensure that the spirit of the tax policy is fulfilled for the long term.
  • Why telling positive OZ success stories around job creation and tax base increase is sorely needed.

Today’s Guest: Chris Cooley, OZworks Group

Chris Cooley on the Opportunity Zones Podcast

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