OZ Growth Fund Launches With Focus On Innovative Start-Up Companies

OZ Growth Fund LLC is the latest Qualified Opportunity Fund to launch with a focus on incubating early stage operating businesses. The fund is seeking to raise $20 million in capital with a minimum investment of $150,000.

The fund’s initial investments include a solar powered ink manufacturing facility. Additional areas of focus will include:

  • USA First Manufacturing
  • Hi-Tech Employment
  • Tech Innovation
  • Purposeful Property Development

“When you invest in people first, you will inevitably receive exponential returns for generations to come” said Tony Riggs, manager of the OZ Growth Fund. “We, the fund managers, plan to create sustainable solutions for the housing and employment challenges we both personally faced and overcame, so they can have access to all the resources and support they need to succeed.”

While the vast majority of QOFs focus on real estate projects, there are several thriving funds that invest in operating businesses located in Opportunity Zones. These include:


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OZ Pitch Day

June 13, 2024