July 9 IRS Hearing: Podcast Episode Recap

Jimmy Atkinson

Who spoke at the July 9 IRS public hearing on Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds? And what are some of the biggest issues that the IRS needs to clarify in final regulations?

The Opportunity Zone hearing took place at the IRS New Carrollton Federal Building just northeast of Washington DC. There were 19 groups of speakers who delivered testimony to a panel of seven moderators from Treasury and the IRS. The hearing was attended by approximately 100 people.

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Episode Highlights

  • Background on the Opportunity Zones legislative and regulatory process, and where we currently are in that process.
  • Next steps: when we can expect the final regulations on Opportunity Zone investing.
  • Discussion of some of the most popular topics of discussion at the hearing — data collection and reporting, multi-asset fund exits, the substantial improvement test, debt-financed distributions, Section 1231 gains, and more.
  • Brief summaries of each speaker’s testimony.

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Jimmy Atkinson

Jimmy Atkinson

Hi, I'm Jimmy Atkinson... I founded OpportunityDb in August 2018. I'm a veteran Internet entrepreneur with a background in economics and Web marketing. I previously founded ETFdb.com. These days, I am passionate about impact investing and tax-advantaged investment opportunities. At the crossroads of these two ideals is the opportunity zones program, a place-based tax policy intended to economically transform some of the poorest areas of the United States with new real estate and business development.

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