Welcome to the Opportunity Zones Podcast

How much do you know about opportunity zones? Maybe you know the basics — that the opportunity zones program is an economic policy intended to revitalize some of the most economically distressed areas of the country, and that to encourage investment in such communities, huge tax benefits await investors. Capital gains deferral on the front end, as well as capital gains exclusion on the back end. But if you’re like most people, you only have a rough grasp of how it all works.

On this podcast, I want to transform you into an opportunity zone expert — or at least give you a better understanding of how you can become a more savvy OZ investor.

Each week, I’ll interview an industry expert — fund managers, real estate developers, venture capitalists, business consultants, tax advisors, law experts, and more.

Together, my guests and I will go beyond the basics, and dive into some of the more subtle nuances of the program. You’ll learn about new opportunity zone fund investment opportunities, what you should look for in OZ investments before writing a check, and your options for exiting before the program concludes. Please join us as we explore these topics and more.


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OZ Pitch Day

June 13, 2024