The OZ Fund that Lined up $105 Million in 17 Hours, with Michael Episcope

How did Origin Investments line up over $100 million for their Opportunity Zone fund in less than 24 hours? And what are some of the biggest challenges and complexities of managing an OZ fund? Michael Episcope is co-founder and principal of Origin Investments, a private equity real estate firm founded in 2007. Click the play … Read more

How OZ Funds Are Adhering to Policy Intent, with Greg Genovese & Steve Sego

Are Qualified Opportunity Funds living up to the spirit and intent of the Opportunity Zone initiative? And how should social impact reporting be conducted? Greg Genovese is president of Sound West Realty Capital, a real estate development group based in the Seattle area. Steve Sego is president of the Waterman Group, a community redevelopment, investment, … Read more

The First Opportunity Zone Fund, One Year Later, with Quinn Palomino

It’s been one year since Virtua Partners launched the very first Qualified Opportunity Fund. Since then, they have raised $100 million, roughly half of which has already been deployed; they’ve broken ground on numerous projects, and have a pipeline of about 100 more. Quinn Palomino is principal at Virtua Partners, a global private equity firm … Read more

The Opportunity Zone Fund that Raised $40 Million in 5 Months, with Chris Loeffler

Are Opportunity Zone Funds actually raising any money yet? Chris Loeffler is co-founder and CEO of Caliber, an Arizona-based alternatives investment management firm that was among the first to launch a Qualified Opportunity Fund last year, a fund which has already raised $40 million, is actively deploying capital to Opportunity Zones, and is expected to … Read more

Opportunity Zone Deal Flow, with Craig Bernstein

What does Opportunity Zone deal flow actually look like at the deal level, fund level, and investor level? And which Opportunity Zones are seeing the greatest amount of deal flow? Craig Bernstein is principal at OPZ Bernstein, which recently launched the OPZ Bernstein Opportunity Zone Fund. Craig has over 20 years of real estate experience, … Read more

Project-Driven Opportunity Zone Funds, with Greg Genovese

Why are shovel-ready project-driven Opportunity Zone funds usually superior to blind-pool funds? Greg Genovese is president of Sound West Realty Capital, a real estate development group based in the Seattle area. Originally from the California Bay Area, Greg relocated to Bremerton, WA last year to head Sound West’s opportunity zone projects. Click the play button … Read more