DSTs And OZs For Advisors, With Louis Reynolds

When a High Net Worth investor triggers a capital gain, there are a few different tax mitigation options available, including the 1031 Exchange, a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment, and Opportunity Zones. But when is each of these options appropriate? And how can advisors place their clients into the appropriate tax mitigating investment products?

Louis Reynolds, CEO of Synergistic Exchange Solutions, joins the show to discuss real estate as an asset class, and when Opportunity Zones or other tax mitigation strategies are right for High Net Worth investors.

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Episode Highlights

  • A general view of real estate as an asset class, and why real estate ownership is so attractive for many High Net Worth investors.
  • The key differences between 1031 Exchanges, DSTs, and Opportunity Zones, and when each vehicle may be a viable option for an investor’s portfolio.
  • Tax advantages to oil and gas structures, and when they can be implemented into a 1031 Exchange.
  • A comparison of the size of the DST and Opportunity Zone marketplaces.
  • The size of the total commercial real estate world: how much transaction volume is occurring each year, by individual investors vs. institutional investors.
  • Why the number of licensed advisors doing DST and OZ deals is so small, and opportunity this presents for industry growth.
  • How advisors are currently selecting DST and Opportunity Zone investment products for their clients.

Today’s Guest: Louis Reynolds, Synergistic Exchange Solutions

Louis Reynolds on the Opportunity Zones Podcast

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