How Securities Laws Impact Qualified Opportunity Funds, With Coni Rathbone

Real estate securities laws that apply to Qualified Opportunity Funds can have a huge (and often times ignored) impact on OZ developers and project sponsors.

Coni Rathbone, real estate and securities attorney at Dunn Carney, joins the show to discuss what real estate developers and fund operators need to be aware of before raising Opportunity Zone capital from investors.

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Episode Highlights

  • The four prongs of the Howey test, and why it often times applies to Opportunity Zone funds.
  • When real estate developers and fund issuers should be afraid of securities laws.
  • The different options for Qualified Opportunity Fund sponsors when issuing their fund offerings.
  • The key differences between registered public offerings, Regulation A, and Regulation D.
  • The key differences between Regulation D Rule 506(b) private placement offerings and Regulation D Rule 506(c) general solicitation offerings, and when funds should opt for SEC exemption under one rule or the other.
  • How Opportunity Zone reform may impact funds and investors.

Today’s Guest: Coni Rathbone, Dunn Carney LLP

Coni Rathbone on the Opportunity Zones Podcast

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