The IRS Hearing on Opportunity Zones: A Complete Recap

Who spoke at last week’s public hearing on the Opportunity Zones program? What did they say? And which topics received the most attention?

There were representatives from a wide variety of stakeholders that testified at the hearing — local economic development groups, working groups from different accounting and legal firms, policymakers, nonprofit advocacy groups, economic research firms, legal bar associations, private investment firms, consulting firms, and one representative from a Native American community.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of the legislative and regulatory process, and a big picture overview of where we are at in the process.
  • Next steps: when we can expect the next tranche of proposed regulations; and when we can expect the final regulations.
  • Discussion of some of the most popular topics of discussion at the hearing — eligibility requirements for business investments, 70% and 90% asset test requirements, requests for community impact reporting/data to measure program effectiveness, gentrification risks, fund asset sales, and exit strategies.
  • A full rundown of every speaker’s testimony.

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