Nest Opportunity Fund

The Nest Opportunity Fund is a positive impact investment fund that allows you to defer and reduce capital gains taxes while helping to rebuild American communities that have great potential but lack smart, strategic investments.

The Fund is focused on residential real estate in the single-family and multi-family asset classes. The real estate is located in Midwest cities with favorable demographics that include stable and diverse employment, population growth, and other criteria including favorable pricing and rent, with a rule of thumb of getting the “all-in costs” for given properties at around or less than 110 times monthly rent revenue. In addition, the quality of the operator and the assistance of any local governments will affect the investment decisions.

Fund Manager: Nest GP LLC
Asset Classes: Real Estate
Fund Size: $50M
Minimum Investment: $200K
Portfolio Type: Multi-Asset
Fund Status: Open to new investors
Investment Locations: Kentucky, Ohio
Property Types: Multi-Family Housing, Residential

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