Deep Green One Energy Opportunity Fund

The breakthrough electrical energy-based hydrocarbon extraction technology driving this Fund began development before 2010, leading to the first business created in 2015 to begin commercialization. Today, the founders of Deep Green Energy, LLC, dba Deep Green One Energy Opportunity Fund® are partnered with one of America’s largest patent law firms; WILSON SONSINI, to control and protect the revolutionary and disruptive technology. This patented EStim process can bring profitability back to our oil industry and lead America to true energy independence. Additionally, the investments are safeguarded by one of the largest accounting firms in the oil and gas arena; WEAVER, providing financial oversight and control to comply with IRS Opportunity Zone objectives.

The primary patent R&D is being developed in Wyoming and is expected to be producing service units in 2021. Wyoming offers additional layers of tax benefit stacking when merged with the Opportunity Fund strategies of Deep Green Energy. The potential new yields of oil and gas from wells using the Electro-Static Pulse Stimulation process projects 3-5 times the current efficiency of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, without the high front-end costs and environmental impacts.

Fund Manager: Hal Curlett
Asset Classes: Business
Fund Size: $35M
Minimum Investment: $100K
Portfolio Type: Multi-Asset
Fund Status: Open to new investors
Investment Locations: Wyoming

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