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Investors choice
OZ Fund

First-of-its-Kind Investor-Driven QOF

The Investors Choice OZ Fund by USG/OZI is a unique Opportunity Zone Fund that allows the investor to choose their projects and investment amounts from a portfolio of recession resilient mixed asset class development projects across the country.

This multi-asset QOF has a portfolio that currently includes properties in California, Wisconsin, and Connecticut. 

About the Fund


The Investor’s Choice OZ Fund allows investors to choose between a number of project-specific OZ developments within the fund, to allow for as much diversification or concentration as the investor desires. 

The portfolio currently includes:

  • Elevation 1659, a multi-family development in Milwaukee, WI; 
  • KindCare, a senior living facility in Bristol, CT;
  • LakeHouse, a multi-family development in Oakland, CA;
  • Oasis on 14th, a multi-family development in Sacramento, CA
  • MLK Revival, a multi-family in Los Angeles, CA.  


Elevation 1659


Oasis on 14th

MLK Revival

*Fund preferred returns are set by the fund manager, ICOZ Manger, LLC. The preferred returns displayed here are contractual in nature and represent the preferred annual returns set by the fund manager for this project. There is no guarantee that investors will receive the preferred returns represented here.

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USG/OZI is a joint venture between USG Realty Capital and Opportunity Zone Investors Group. Headquartered in Silverdale, WA, USG/OZI launched earlier this year with the Investors Choice OZ Fund, a first-of-its-kind, investor-directed, multi-asset Opportunity Zone investment platform.

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