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Investing in the Southwest U.S.

The Caliber Tax Advantadged Opportunity Zone Fund is specifically designed to invest in attractive commercial real estate projects located within Qualified Opportunity Zones in
the greater Southwest region.

The fund currently owns the Roosevelt Townhomes in downtown Tempe and a behavioral health facility in Phoenix. Additional assets in Tuscon, Mesa, and Scottsdale are expected to be added soon. 

About the Fund

Caliber Funds


Caliber’s Opportunity Zone Fund portfolio currently includes:

  • Roosevelt Townhomes, a development of 39 Class A townhomes in Tempe
  • A 96-bed behavioral health facility that will be occupied by Medical Behavioral Hospital of Phoenix. 

Other assets in the pipeline include:

  • A 170-room Doubletree hotel in Tuscon
  • 4 Historic buildings in Mesa, Arizona
  • Rancho Solano, a 26,000 square foot facility for a K through 8 school in Scottsdale. 

Roosevelt Townhomes

Roosevelt Townhomes

Phoenix Medical Psychiatric Hospital

Caliber Behavioral Health Facility

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Roosevelt Townhomes

About Caliber

Caliber Funds is the private equity arm of Caliber The Wealth Development Company ( Caliber ), an Arizona-based corporation that services the capital of individual investors and disburses them into private real estate assets across the Southwest. Caliber offers a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties, real estate-related equity investments and other real estate-related assets, each of which Caliber Funds believes are compelling from a risk-return perspective.

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