List of Pinellas County, Florida Opportunity Zones & OZ Funds

Pinellas County, Floridahas 16 designated Opportunity Zones.

In total these Opportunity Zones have a population of approximately 62,000. That represents 6% of the county’s total population of 970,000.

The median household incomefor Pinellas County Opportunity Zones ranges from approximately $23,000 to $58,000.

The adjacent map shows all Opportunity Zones in Pinellas County. Click on any Opportunity Zone for additional information.

List of All Pinellas County OZs

The table below lists all 16Opportunity Zones in Pinellas County. The first two rows show the state wide average and the average for all Florida Opportunity Zones.

Name County Median Household Income Below Poverty Line Median Home Value Edu High School Median Age
All of Florida n/a $59K 13% $245K 88% 42
Florida OZ Average n/a $35K 26% $123K 83% 44
12103020500 Pinellas $27K 36% $114K 80% 35
12103020600 Pinellas $47K 29% $94K 83% 39
12103020800 Pinellas $35K 25% $87K 81% 33
12103021200 Pinellas $27K 43% $66K 75% 39
12103021600 Pinellas $33K 43% $324K 82% 42
12103021900 Pinellas $58K 8% $197K 89% 36
12103024510 Pinellas $41K 34% $150K 71% 34
12103024602 Pinellas $33K 27% $98K 85% 38
12103025115 Pinellas $31K 16% $105K 89% 46
12103025305 Pinellas $31K 11% $26K 82% 56
12103025417 Pinellas $45K 16% $66K 92% 65
12103025602 Pinellas $32K 21% $58K 85% 49
12103025603 Pinellas $42K 13% $170K 85% 43
12103025900 Pinellas $30K 23% $192K 85% 54
12103027402 Pinellas $32K 13% $133K 87% 55
12103028700 Pinellas $23K 50% $88K 80% 35

Florida OZ Funds

There are 22QOZ Fundsin the OpportunityDb database with an investment objective that specifically identify Floridaas a target market. Additional OZ funds may also invest in Florida; see a complete list of Opportunity Zone Funds here.

Fund Name Asset Classes Property Types Fund Size
Starpoint Opportunity Zone Fund Premium Listing Real Estate Industrial, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing $100M
701 Whiting Street Development Real Estate Multi-Family Housing $6M
Banyan Opportunity Zone Fund Real Estate Commercial, Hotel, Mixed-Use, Office, Residential $90M
Central Florida RE QOF, LP Business, Real Estate Industrial, Mixed-Use, Workforce Housing $120M
Community Outcome Fund Business, Real Estate Commercial, Infrastructure, Mixed-Use, Residential $500M
Driftwood Qualified Opportunity Fund I, LLC Real Estate Hotel $26M
Fundrise Opportunity Fund Real Estate Commercial, Mixed-Use, Residential $500M
GTIS Qualified Opportunity Fund Real Estate Industrial, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Single-Family Housing, Student Housing, Warehouse $350M
Maxus Opportunity Fund I Real Estate Commercial, Residential $500M
ODG Fund I Real Estate Commercial, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Residential $650M
P&R Opportunity Zone Fund 1, LP Business, Real Estate Healthcare, Office, Storage $145M
Peachtree Hotel Group Real Estate Hotel $100M
PICOZ Fund I Real Estate Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Single-Family Housing $100M
PrimeCore OpZone Fund I, LP Real Estate Multi-Family Housing, Residential $20M
REICO Business, Real Estate Commercial, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Storage $150M
Sikari Luxe Miami Opportunity Fund Real Estate Commercial, Hotel, Mixed-Use, Residential $750M
Sikari Luxe Orlando Opportunity Fund Real Estate Commercial, Hotel, Mixed-Use, Residential $400M
Sikari Luxe Tampa Opportunity Fund Real Estate Hotel, Mixed-Use $50M
Southern US RE QOF, LP Real Estate Mixed-Use, Senior Housing $40M
Strategic Rivermont OZ Fund, LLC Real Estate Commercial, Energy Development, Hotel, Mixed-Use, Residential, Stadiums and Arenas, Student Housing $100M
Virtua Opportunity Zone Fund I Real Estate Hotel, Industrial, Office, Residential $200M
Woodforest CEI-Boulos Opportunity Fund Real Estate Workforce Housing $22M



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