How CDFIs Can Help Raise Opportunity Zone Capital, with Equity Squared

What is a Community Development Financial Institution, or CDFI? And how can Opportunity Zone fund sponsors, real estate developers, and QOZB business owners leverage their local CDFIs as a capital raising resource? Ruben Alonso is president of AltCap, a CDFI headquartered in Kansas City. Emily Lecuyer is managing director of Equity², an affiliate of AltCap. … Read more

How OZ Communities, Sponsors, and Investors Can Connect, with The Opportunity Exchange

Can an Opportunity Zone marketplace connect communities, OZ project sponsors, and investors to advance capital deployment and community impact? Peter Truog is founder of The Opportunity Exchange — a marketplace that connects impactful Opportunity Zone projects to capital sources. Also joining today’s podcast episode from The Opportunity Exchange are Leo Peña and Ayat Amin. Click … Read more

OZ Lessons from Opportunity Alabama, with Alex Flachsbart

How can Opportunity Zones ignite a place-based economic development revolution in one of the nation’s poorest states? Alex Flachsbart is president and CEO of Opportunity Alabama, the nation’s first nonprofit organization to create a marketplace for Opportunity Zone investment in a particular state. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Alex. … Read more

How America’s Poorest ZIP Code Is Attracting OZ Capital, with EDDC

Erie, Pennsylvania is home to the nation’s poorest ZIP code, and the nation’s first organization dedicated to promoting a municipality’s Opportunity Zones. Erie Downtown Development Corporation is led by CEO John Persinger and VP for finance and development Matt Wachter. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with John and Matt. Episode … Read more

Developing OZ Owner Occupied Housing on a Massive Scale, with NeighborBuilt

Is the development of owner occupied housing on a massive scale achievable in blighted Opportunity Zone neighborhoods? First, you have to shock the system. Daniel Edwards and Ebony Edwards believe they are about to do just that. They are the founders of Kansas City-based Opportunity Zone development firm NeighborBuilt. Click the play button below to … Read more

Activating OZ Communities with Business Container Parks, with Sasha Favelukis

How can incubating local businesses in shipping containers achieve Opportunity Zone community activation and gentrification without displacement? Sasha Favelukis is founder of CoPlace, a San Diego-based investment and advisory firm that performs a mix of real estate and local business investing. They specialize in community activation in Opportunity Zones. Click the play button below to … Read more

A Community-Driven Approach to Opportunity Zone Investing, with Erin Gillespie

What types of opportunity zone investments are community leaders looking for? And what can local communities do to incentivize investment in their opportunity zones? Joining me on the podcast to discuss these topics and more is Erin Gillespie, principal at economic development consulting firm Madison Street Strategies and former deputy chief of staff for Florida’s … Read more