Opportunity Zone Project

Turners Falls Canal District

Turners Falls, MA

Project Summary

The Town of Montague requests financial support to catalyze redevelopment of the blighted Turners Falls Canal District (Canal District) which is comprised of six distressed mill properties in the village of Turners Falls, MA. The Canal District presents the opportunity to reactivate 14 acres of industrial riverfront, reuse several historic mill buildings, and develop up to 300 units of housing and dozens of businesses. Private investment of between $30 Million and $100 Million is projected after the first decade. For over 20 years the Town has attempted to facilitate productive re-use of the properties but private investment has been stymied by the pre-requisite for cleaned up sites and updated infrastructure. Given the scale of the District and the scope of needed investments, the project is beyond the capacity the municipality or private sector to bear alone. Much of the due diligence and government incentives for redevelopment are in place, however a substantial investment into remediation and infrastructure is required in order to make the re-use viable. The MassWorks Infrastructure Program has recently announces a $2.1 grant to upgrade a bridge, utilities, and a sidewalk in the area.

Project Data

Asset ClassBusiness
Property TypeMixed-Use

Address20 Canal Road

Opportunity Zone Census Tract Number25011040701
Date updatedMay 5, 2020 (6 months ago)

Contact Information

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