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President Trump signs opportunity zones executive order

Trump creates opportunity zones council with executive order

Today, President Trump signed an executive order, promoting public commitment to the opportunity zones program enacted last December as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The executive order establishes the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, led by HUD Secretary Ben Carson. The council is tasked with streamlining, coordinating, and targeting

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IRS Building

Accountants: Taxpayer uncertainty is hindering investment in opportunity zones

A working group of accountants formed by Novogradac sent a letter to the U.S. Treasury last month, requesting further clarification in the wake of the proposed regulations (IRS REG-115420-18) published in October. In part, the letter states, “Taxpayer uncertainty around these issues is hindering investment in opportunity zones.” Taxpayers must invest capital gains into opportunity

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David Sillaman

David Sillaman: Creating an Opportunity Zone Fund

Today’s guest is opportunity fund consultant David Sillaman, president and fund developer at Eazy Do It Opportunity Funds. Approximately $6.2 trillion in capital gains is eligible for investment in opportunity zone funds, with the potential to create a huge change across America. Some estimates expect $150-$250 billion to flow into these funds between now and

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Tony Nitti

Tony Nitti: Opportunity Zones Tax Benefits and Unintended Consequences

Today’s guest is self-described “codehead” Tony Nitti, real estate tax law expert, CPA, and partner at WithumSmith+Brown. He also serves on the editorial advisory board for The Tax Adviser. And he’s a contributor at Forbes.com, where he recently published a thorough primer on the opportunity zones tax incentive. Click the play button below to listen

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Jimmy Atkinson

Welcome to the Opportunity Zones Podcast

How much do you know about opportunity zones? Maybe you know the basics — that the opportunity zones program is an economic policy intended to revitalize some of the most economically distressed areas of the country, and that to encourage investment in such communities, huge tax benefits await investors. Capital gains deferral on the front

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U.S. Capitol

Business venture investing in opportunity zones

Most qualified opportunity zone funds are geared toward real estate. Because 90% of a fund’s assets must be held within OZ geographies, real estate investing is simpler than business venture investing. That said, the actual purpose of the legislation itself was to spark small business and entrepreneurship in oft-ignored areas of the country — not

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico governor sends OZ bill to Legislative Assembly

Due to the preferential treatment created for Puerto Rico in US Code Section 1400Z-1(b)(3), nearly the entire island is an opportunity zone. Governor Ricardo Roselló has estimated that the opportunity zones initiative “has the potential to inject more than $600 million in new investments into the local economy.” Earlier this week, the governor sent a

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IRS Building

Opportunity zones legislation Q&A

Professional tax advisor Tony Nitti of WithumSmith+Brown’s National Tax Service Group has an excellent and thorough (and at times humorous!) Q&A-format article on Forbes this week. The article dives headfirst into many of the subtle nuances of the legislation, dealing with original gain deferral, the 180-day window, qualified opportunity funds, OZ property, and tax savings.

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U.S. Treasury Building

Treasury Department releases proposed opportunity zones regulations

Earlier today, the U.S. Treasury Department released REG-115420-18, Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds — a 74-page regulatory document that clarifies many ambiguities surrounding the new opportunity zones program created by Trump’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, but also raises additional questions. The regulations are still not finalized. There are a few more steps to go through

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