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Jimmy Atkinson, Ashley Tison, Howard Matalon, and Reid Thomas

COVID-19: Relief for Opportunity Zone Businesses, a Zoom Meeting with OZ Pros

Congress has passed three phases of coronavirus relief packages, with a fourth potentially on the way soon. How can Opportunity Zone businesses seek relief? And how can Opportunity Zones assist with economic recovery? OZ Pros hosted a Zoom meeting with 80 of the most engaged Opportunity Zones participants in our network. The Zoom meeting included presentations from Ashley Tison (OZ Pros), Howard Matalon (OlenderFeldman), and Reid Thomas (NES Financial). Click the play button below to listen to an audio recording of the Zoom meeting. Episode Highlights Information for small businesses seeking relief through the FFCRA and CARES Act. Furloughing vs.

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Chris Montgomery

Creating Catalytic Impact in Rural Opportunity Zones, with Chris Montgomery

What is an OZ fund on Colorado’s western slope doing to spark catalytic impact and serve the long-term needs of rural communities? Chris Montgomery is partner at Four Points Funding, whose Opportunity Zone fund was recently awarded the Grand Prize as the Forbes OZ 20’s Top Rural Opportunity Zone Fund Catalyst by Forbes and the Sorenson Impact Foundation. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Chris. Episode Highlights The Forbes OZ 20 and the four grand prize winners awarded at the Sorenson Winter Impact Summit. How the state of Colorado collaborated with real estate developers like

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Craig Bernstein

COVID-19: Impact on Financial Markets and Opportunity Zones, with Craig Bernstein

How will the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affect financial markets and Opportunity Zones? Craig Bernstein is principal of OPZ Capital, which launched the OPZ Capital Opportunity Zone Fund in 2018. Craig has over 20 years of real estate experience, and is a prominent thought leader in the Opportunity Zones industry. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Craig. Episode Highlights How the unfolding coronavirus financial crisis is affecting loan terms, lines of credit, and tenant issues. How hotel shutdowns are affecting hospitality real estate, and how it may eventually present an opportunity for this asset class. The

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Len Mills and Natalie Elder

The First OZ Fund to Deploy Capital to Businesses, with Len Mills & Natalie Elder

What is the capital raising and investment portfolio strategy for the first Opportunity Zone Fund to deploy capital to business ventures? Len Mills is CEO of Verte OZ, a venture capital Opportunity Zone fund launched in September 2019 that invests in high-growth disruptive businesses. Natalie Elder is Verte’s head of investor relations. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Len and Natalie. Episode Highlights The characteristics that make the Verte OZ Fund unique among Opportunity Zone funds. Verte OZ’s local partnership strategy. Capital raising for early-stage investments, and the implications of the working capital safe harbor

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OZ Pros Jimmy Atkinson & Ashley Tison

Takeaways from Our First 100 Opportunity Zone Strategy Calls

What are the biggest Opportunity Zone lessons we’ve discovered and Qualified Opportunity Fund best practices we’ve formed after our first 100 Opportunity Strategy Calls at OZ Pros? And how can they apply to you? Opportunity Zones Podcast host Jimmy Atkinson and OZ Consultants CEO Ashley Tison are co-founders of OZ Pros — Qualified Opportunity Fund and Qualified Opportunity Zone Business entity formation made easy. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Ashley. Episode Highlights Ashley’s biggest takeaways from his first 100 Opportunity Zone strategy calls. Some unique examples of the types of transactions that different Opportunity

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John Sciarretti

Novogradac’s OZ Working Group and Conference, with John Sciarretti

What Opportunity Zones regulatory issues does the Novogradac Working Group address in their recent comment letter to the IRS? And what can you expect at the upcoming Novogradac OZ conference? John Sciarretti is a partner at Novogradac, a top 50 accounting firm and national thought leader in the Opportunity Zone industry. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with John. Episode Highlights The objectives of the Novogradac Opportunity Zone Working Group, and how to join. How Novogradac has risen to prominence as a national expert in real estate tax credits, influencing the rulemaking process with respect to

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2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Democratic Presidential Candidates Positions on Opportunity Zones

On the eve of Super Tuesday, where does each Democratic Presidential candidate stand on Opportunity Zones? Federal Opportunity Zones legislation initially had broad bipartisan, bicameral support. Eventually, it was packaged as part of President Trump’s landmark tax legislation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed along partisan lines in December 2017. And in the two-plus years since, the Opportunity Zones provision has become highly politicized, with Democratic lawmakers becoming increasingly critical of the tax incentive. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind Opportunity Zones. In December 2018, the President announced the formation of the White House Opportunity

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Jeremy Christensen

Fund Custody and Opportunity Zones, with Jeremy Christensen

What level of transparency does your Opportunity Zone fund provide? Is it verified by a third-party fund custodian? Jeremy Christensen is director of fund custody at Millennium Trust Company, a custody firm that manages investment accounts, retirement funds, and alternative assets like Opportunity Zone funds. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Jeremy. Episode Highlights The role of a fund custodian. How the SEC Custody Rule comes into play with Qualified Opportunity Funds. When a fund is legally required to employ a third-party custodian. Why a fund that isn’t legally required to retain a fund custodian

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Hidden Benefits of Opportunity Zone Investing

The 2 Hidden Benefits of Opportunity Zone Investing

Opportunity Zone investing offers two little-known hidden benefits that almost no one talks about. First, let’s review the three main tax benefits: When you roll over capital gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days, you are able to defer recognition of that gain until December 31, 2026. (The tax bill on this initial gain would be due in April 2027 for most taxpayers.) When the tax bill on your initial gain comes due, you are able to reduce the amount of gain recognized by 10%, so long as your Qualified Opportunity Fund holding period reaches at least five

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Steve Nson

PropTech and Opportunity Zones, with Steve Nson

How can real estate technology, or property technology, benefit Opportunity Zone marketplace participants? Steve Nson is founder of AnySizeDeals, a matchmaking platform for real estate investors that also organizes live events. Their upcoming AnySizeDeals Week event will focus on how real estate interacts with AI and robotics, innovation, Opportunity Zones, and blockchain. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Steve. Episode Highlights A definition of real estate technology, or property technology (PropTech): real estate innovation as it relates to technology and other disruptive trends. How companies like WeWork and trends like co-living are disrupting the real

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