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Sam Hales

Why Mobile Home Parks May Be the Perfect OZ Investment, with Sam Hales

Could mobile home parks be the perfect (recession-resistant) Opportunity Zone investment? Sam Hales is CEO of Saratoga Group, a real estate investment firm focused on investing in affordable housing, specifically through mobile home communities located in Opportunity Zones. On May 27, Sam presented his MHP investment thesis to the OpportunityDb network. Click the play button below to listen to the condensed audio recording of the webinar. Or, for the full video recording, click here. Episode Highlights Why Sam believes that mobile home parks (MHPs) are the “perfect” Opportunity Zone investment. The advantages of mobile home community (MHC) investing, including simplified

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Blake Christian

Opportunity Zone Expansion Ideas to Aid in COVID-19 Recovery, with Blake Christian

Opportunity Zones may just be the perfect vehicle to deliver economic relief to the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. How can the incentive be expanded to further catalyze the recovery effort? Blake Christian is a tax CPA for Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt (HCVT), a regional accounting firm with offices across the western United States. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Blake. Episode Highlights Why the Opportunity Zones tax incentive is perfectly structured to deliver economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Blake’s ideas for expanding the Opportunity Zone incentive to

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White House

White House OZ Council Issues Opportunity Zones Best Practices Report

The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council (WHORC) has delivered their Opportunity Zones Best Practices Report to the President. Listen to WHORC executive director Scott Turner on the Opportunity Zones Podcast. The Council’s report includes Opportunity Zones case studies and best practices observed around the country. The report highlights several inspiring stories that involve public-private partnership between state and local governments, Qualified Opportunity Funds, and other stakeholders. This is the third report issued by the Council as required under Executive Order 13853, and outlines best practices that could be integrated into public and private investments in urban and economically distressed

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Scott Turner

Updates from the White House Council on Opportunity Zones, with Scott Turner

What is the state of Opportunity Zones from the perspective of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, now one year into its mission? Scott Turner is executive director of the Council — a collaboration of 17 Federal agencies and Federal-State partnerships with a mandate to identify and disseminate best practices for utilizing the Opportunity Zones tax incentive and existing Federal resources to stimulate economic growth and revitalization. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Scott. Episode Highlights How the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council (WHORC) has evolved in the one year since its initial

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Rich Zhang

Why Attend the Opportunity Zone Expo, with Rich Zhang

Last year, the Opportunity Zone Expo hosted six live, in-person events. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, their 2020 conference will be entirely online. Learn how you can still benefit from attending, who you will meet, and how you can save 20 percent on last-minute tickets. Rich Zhang is brand manager for the Opportunity Zone Expo. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Rich. Episode Highlights A recap of the six Opportunity Zone Expos in 2019, and how I personally forged numerous valuable business relationships through the events. How the Expo’s parent company pivoted from

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Jimmy Atkinson

Pros and Cons of the 180-Day Opportunity Zone Deadline Extension

On June 4, the IRS issued a new notice that provides a lot of additional coronavirus relief for Opportunity Zone investors and Opportunity Zone funds. Will this relief pose short-term challenges for Opportunity Zone capital raising? And might it cause a tsunami wave of investment toward the end of this year? Click the play button below to listen to this special episode. Episode Highlights How the 180-day deadline extension applies to different types of gain, and repercussions the extension may have on the Opportunity Zone marketplace. Why the 180-day deadline extension may lead to a tsunami wave of Opportunity Zone

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New IRS Notice: Opportunity Zone Investors’ 180-Day Deadline Extended to December 31, 2020

Taxpayers who recognized a gain in 2019 may have until December 31, 2020 to invest in an Opportunity Zone fund, according to a new notice issued by the IRS yesterday. Update 6/8/20: I made a podcast episode about this topic. Click here to listen. Update 1/19/21: The IRS has issued Notice 2021-10, which further extends these deadlines. Under Section 1400Z-2 of the IRS Code, taxpayers normally have 180 days to invest gain in a Qualified Opportunity Fund in order for that gain to be eligible for favorable Opportunity Zone tax treatment. On April 9, 2020, in response to the ongoing

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Erik Hayden

Opportunity Zone Funds as 1031 Exchange Alternatives, with Erik Hayden

During this current economic crisis that has resulted from our response to COVID-19, how can Opportunity Zone funds serve as alternatives for 1031 exchange investors? Erik Hayden is founder of Urban Catalyst, a San Jose-based real estate Opportunity Zone fund focused on ground-up development. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Erik. Episode Highlights The key similarities and differences between 1031 exchanges and Opportunity Zone funds. Some options for combining 1031s and Opportunity Zones, including the ability to invest 1031 boot into Qualified Opportunity Funds. Where the majority of capital gains are derived from (stocks, not

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Nick Parrish

Opportunity Zone Fundraising Trends, with Nick Parrish

What Opportunity Zone fundraising trends can be gleaned after raising $465 million? And what’s next for Opportunity Zones in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Nick Parrish is managing director and head of business development at Cresset Partners, a multifamily office that specializes in alternative investments in real estate, private capital, and Opportunity Zones. Their first QOZ fund closed earlier this year after raising $465 million. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Nick. Episode Highlights How Cresset was able to raise $465 million in Opportunity Zone capital in a little over a year. Why Cresset

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Opportunity Zone stakeholders are invited to respond to this EIG survey

Your response is requested for a national survey of Opportunity Zones stakeholders. The Economic Innovation Group is conducting the survey to gain insights on current market activity, investor behavior, and factors that may shape the OZ ecosystem in 2020 and beyond. The survey targets individuals and organizations engaged in the following activities: Opportunity Zone Investors and Wealth Managers Financing Partners Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) Managers Qualified Opportunity Zone Business (QOZB) Owners Service Providers (i.e. legal, tax, accounting, consulting, technology) The survey will close at 5:00 pm PT on Friday, May 22, 2020. Your response to 10 questions will provide valuable

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