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Rachel Reilly

Opportunity Zones: Past, Present, and Future, with Rachel Reilly

With a new President taking office next month, what does the future hold for Opportunity Zones? And what policy reforms under a Biden-Harris administration would improve the policy such that it more closely adheres to legislative intent? Rachel Reilly is former director of impact strategy at Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan public policy organization that helped to create the Opportunity Zone legislation. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Rachel. Episode Highlights A retrospective of the last three years of the Opportunity Zone initiative. The future of Opportunity Zones under a new Presidential administration. The three

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Jimmy Atkinson

Top Questions to Ask Before Investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund

What are the biggest questions you should ask before investing in an Opportunity Zone fund? With many investors facing a year-end deadline for rolling over their capital gains into an Opportunity Zone investment, know which questions to ask any fund manager before writing that big check. Click the play button below to listen to today’s episode. Episode Highlights The top questions to ask before you invest in a Qualified Opportunity Fund, including: Is this a blind pool fund? How many projects have been identified? Which property types does the fund invest in? Is the portfolio diversified? What is your track

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Pete LaMassa

The Surprising Durability of OZ Multifamily in a Pandemic, with Pete LaMassa

What are the biggest questions on the minds of Opportunity Zone investors? And what have been some of the most surprising real estate market outcomes from the coronavirus pandemic? Pete LaMassa is Opportunity Zone deal captain and managing director at Bridge Investment Group, a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm with a $1 billion Opportunity Zone strategy. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Pete. Episode Highlights The biggest questions that Opportunity Zone investors are asking amidst the global pandemic. The markets and asset classes that Bridge believes will present compelling opportunities for real estate

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Michael Novogradac

The 2020 Election and Opportunity Zones, with Mike Novogradac and John Sciarretti

What impact will the 2020 election have on the Opportunity Zones incentive? Expect major changes if Joe Biden is elected, and potential expansion of the program if Donald Trump wins reelection. The balance of power in the Senate should have an impact as well. Mike Novogradac is the managing partner of Novogradac, a top 50 accounting firm founded in 1989. John Sciarretti is chair of the Novogradac Opportunity Zones conferences and leader of the Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Mike and John. Episode Highlights How different election outcomes would

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Chad LaComb

How Regional EDA Groups Can Leverage Opportunity Zones, with Chad LaComb

How can a regional economic development planning commission help their communities leverage their Opportunity Zone designations? Invest Acadiana serves as a perfect example. Chad LaComb is the economic development planner for the Acadiana Planning Commission (APC), a regional EDA organization located in Lafayette, Louisiana. APC has partnered with their regional chamber of commerce and community philanthropic foundation to create Invest Acadiana, an initiative to promote Opportunity Zone investment in the region. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Chad. Episode Highlights The role that the Acadiana Planning Commission serves as a regional EDA organization. How regional

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Brian Darmody

University Research Parks and Opportunity Zones, with Brian Darmody

Can university research parks, incubators, and accelerators catalyze innovation in Opportunity Zones? Brian Darmody is CEO of the Association of University Research Parks (AURP). Many of AURP’s member institutions are located in Opportunity Zones. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Brian. Episode Highlights Background on the Association of University Research Parks, and how their mission has transitioned to focus more on incubators, accelerators, and other elements of the innovation ecosystem. How some AURP members are leveraging the Opportunity Zone incentive to highlight their innovation campus assets. The challenge of lack of awareness of the Opportunity

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Jimmy Atkinson

Announcing OZ Pitch Day 2020, an Online Investor Matchmaking Event

If you’re an investor with capital gains, how can you find your Opportunity Zone investment and get invested before the end of this year? Today I’m officially launching the OpportunityDb OZ Pitch Day 2020 Online Event. OZ Pitch Day will take place on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 and will feature roughly one dozen Qualified Opportunity Funds. Click the play button below to listen to today’s episode and learn more about the event. Episode Highlights The three large, national Opportunity Zone events taking place between now and the end of this year. When your Opportunity Zone investment deadline is. The benefits

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Clem Turner

Securities Law Considerations for Opportunity Zone Funds, with Clem Turner

What securities laws should Qualified Opportunity Fund issuers be aware of before they start raising capital from investors? And what are the major differences between the different types of private placement offerings? Clem Turner is a New York-based corporate and securities attorney for CSG He leads the firm’s alternative capital practice and specializes in Opportunity Zones, among other alternative investment vehicles. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Clem. Episode Highlights Under what circumstances a Qualified Opportunity Fund would be subject to U.S. securities laws. The different types of SEC exemptions that Qualified Opportunity Funds can

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Ashley Tison

Timing Considerations for Opportunity Zone Investors, with Ashley Tison

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2020, what are some of the most important timing considerations for Opportunity Zone investors and Qualified Opportunity Fund issuers? Ashley Tison is an Opportunity Zone consultant and attorney based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with Jimmy Atkinson, he is co-founder of OZ Pros, an Opportunity Zone advisory firm. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Ashley. Episode Highlights Some of the most important timing considerations as 2020 winds down. Why there may be a wave of capital hunting Opportunity Zone deals in June 2021. The possibility of the 2026

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David Kunz

Family Office Investing in Provo OZ Tech Accelerator Campus, with Hall Labs

What are the strategic advantages to investing in early growth, patent-protected technology companies located in Opportunity Zones? Matt Van Dyke and David Kunz are managing partners at Hall Labs, a Provo, UT-based family office and tech accelerator located in an Opportunity Zone. Click the play button below to listen to the condensed audio recording of the webinar with Matt and David, sponsored by OZ Pros and Crowdcreate. Or, for the full video recording, click here. Episode Highlights Family office strategies for Opportunity Zone investing. The diversification and ROI benefits of venture investing within Opportunity Zones. The social impact potential of

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