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Brian Phillips

The First Venture Capital Opportunity Zone Fund

It’s been nearly six months since the IRS issued its second tranche of regulatory guidance on Qualified Opportunity Funds. How are business Opportunity Zone funds proceeding? Brian Phillips is managing partner of The Pearl Fund, the first Opportunity Zone fund to focus exclusively on business, using a venture capital model. Click the play button below

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Jimmy Atkinson

Options for Existing Opportunity Zone Property Owners (Podcast Listener Questions)

You’ve got Opportunity Zone questions. We’ve got Opportunity Zone answers. This is the inaugural edition of Opportunity Zones Podcast Listener Questions. Today’s listener questions deal with options for existing Opportunity Zone property owners, incentives for Opportunity Zone businesses, and more. If you’d like to submit your own question or comment, leave a voicemail on the

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Gabriel Fernandez

Opportunity Zone Deal Packaging and Capital Raising

What are some best practices for packaging an Opportunity Zone real estate deal and raising capital from investors? What are some examples of good deals and bad deals? Gabriel Fernandez is a real estate investment manager in Brooklyn, NY. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Gabriel. Episode Highlights Reaction to

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Thomas Morgan

The Big Problem with Opportunity Zones

Is there a big problem with the Opportunity Zones program? Thomas Morgan is a real estate developer, broker, and investor who specializes in impact investing and 1031 exchange strategies. On today’s episode, we discuss the recent New York Times article and the challenges of raising Opportunity Zone capital for projects in blighted locations. Click the

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Todd Perlmutter and Seth Dunlap

The Multi-Asset QOZB that Combines Entertainment and Real Estate

How can real estate and a unique entertainment product combine into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business to deliver long-lasting social impact and job creation? Todd Perlmutter is CEO of Hotbed Entertainment Group. He previously spent 19 years at Blue Man Group as senior music director. Seth Dunlap is HEG’s real estate and portfolio manager. Click

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Chris Rawley

Chris Rawley: Agriculture Investing in Opportunity Zones

How can agribusiness capitalize on the Opportunity Zones program? Chris Rawley is founder and CEO of Fort Worth, TX-based Harvest Returns, an investment firm that facilitates capital raises for small- to medium-sized farmers. They launched the Sustainable Agriculture Opportunity Zone Fund earlier this summer. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with

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Nick Andrews

Nick Andrews: Renewable Energy Production in Opportunity Zones

Can Opportunity Zones be leveraged for biorefinery development and renewable fuel production? Nick Andrews is founder and CEO of Scottsdale, AZ-based USA BioEnergy, a multi-disciplinary company with experience in real estate development and renewable diesel biofuel production. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Nick. Episode Highlights How advanced biorefineries work

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