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Daniel Edwards & Ebony Edwards

Developing OZ Owner Occupied Housing on a Massive Scale, with NeighborBuilt

Is the development of owner occupied housing on a massive scale achievable in blighted Opportunity Zone neighborhoods? First, you have to shock the system. Daniel Edwards and Ebony Edwards believe they are about to do just that. They are the founders of Kansas City-based Opportunity Zone development firm NeighborBuilt. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Daniel and Ebony. Episode Highlights A model for bringing change to neighborhoods with a lot of economic disparity. How the traditional market rate real estate development system fails in Opportunity Zones. Why NeighborBuilt is focusing on their execution system instead

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Todd Perlmutter and Seth Dunlap

The Mutli-Asset QOZB that Combines Entertainment and Real Estate, with HEG

How can real estate and a unique entertainment product combine into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business to deliver long-lasting social impact and job creation? Todd Perlmutter is CEO of Hotbed Entertainment Group. He previously spent 19 years at Blue Man Group as senior music director. Seth Dunlap is HEG’s real estate and portfolio manager. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Todd and Seth. Episode Highlights The path that Opportunity Zones opened for Hotbed Entertainment Group to bring a unique entertainment product and career infrastructure to New Orleans. How Todd’s background and pay-it-forward mentality has influenced

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Chris Rawley

Agriculture Investing in Opportunity Zones, with Chris Rawley

How can agribusiness capitalize on the Opportunity Zones program? Chris Rawley is founder and CEO of Fort Worth, TX-based Harvest Returns, an investment firm that facilitates capital raises for small- to medium-sized farmers. They launched the Sustainable Agriculture Opportunity Zone Fund earlier this summer. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Chris. Episode Highlights How Harvest Returns combines agriculture, investment, and technology into a single platform, giving individual investors the ability to diversify their portfolios into agriculture. How agriculture is transforming to meet consumer demand changes. How sustainable agriculture can produce environmental and social benefits, creating

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Nick Andrews

Renewable Energy Production in Opportunity Zones, with Nick Andrews

Can Opportunity Zones be leveraged for biorefinery development and renewable fuel production? Nick Andrews is founder and CEO of Scottsdale, AZ-based USA BioEnergy, a multi-disciplinary company with experience in real estate development and renewable diesel biofuel production. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Nick. Episode Highlights How advanced biorefineries work and how Opportunity Zones can improve the economics of biofuel production. The eight critical elements that establish best practices for biorefinery development and fuel production. Some of the challenges of raising Opportunity Zone equity and putting together a capital stack for renewable energy projects. The

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Valerie Grunduski

Opportunity Zone Fund Tax Accounting Considerations, with Valerie Grunduski

What are some of the most important tax accounting considerations when forming and managing an Opportunity Zone Fund? Valerie Grunduski is a real estate tax accounting specialist and leads Plante Moran’s Opportunity Zones practice. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Valerie. Episode Highlights Tax considerations when creating a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Accounting firm services that fund managers should consider when forming and managing an Opportunity Zone fund. Mistakes that QOFs sometimes make in projecting IRRs in Opportunity Zones. The right and wrong way to structure debt, and the consequences of improperly structured debt. Why OZ

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Jonathan Miller

Opportunity Zone Fund Fees, with Jonathan Miller

What are the different layers of fees that Opportunity Zone investors should be aware of? And how much can investors expect to pay in fees to Qualified Opportunity Funds? Jonathan Miller is president and CEO of Parsonex Enterprises, a financial services firm, SEC registered investment adviser, and advisory group and asset manager that manages alternative assets in real estate, including in Opportunity Zones. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Jonathan. Episode Highlights The typical fees that Opportunity Zone investors should expect to pay to Qualified Opportunity Fund managers, including product distribution fees, management fees, and

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SEC Headquarters Building in Washington DC

SEC, NASAA issue staff guidance on Opportunity Zone investing

The staffs of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) have issued preliminary guidance on how Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) investing may be subject to securities law. The joint statement issued last week is not official rules or regulations, and therefore has no legal force. It is merely a brief statement on some potential legal and compliance implications of issuing QOFs. The statement provides some guidance on whether or not QOF offerings are required to be registered with the SEC and the states, and when a QOF may be eligible for exemption under Rule

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Emerald Coast Opportunity Zone

Strategies for Collaborative Rural & Tribal Investment, with Emerald Coast OZ

Much of rural America has been left behind in the economic recovery that has transpired since the Great Recession. Can Opportunity Zone investing reverse that trend? The Emerald Coast Opportunity Zone in northwest Washington state is a unique group of rural municipalities and tribal nations that has collaborated on producing a portfolio of rural Opportunity Zone projects with scale. What have been some of their biggest challenges so far? Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Julie, Rod, and Larry. Episode Highlights A characterization of the economic decline in rural America, why it hasn’t recovered since

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Taylor Lembi

How Opportunity Zones Can Address the Housing Crisis, with Taylor Lembi

Can Opportunity Zones help address the nation’s housing crisis? Taylor Lembi is founder and CEO at San Francisco-based real estate developer M31 Capital. Their Morpheus 1 Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, launched earlier this year, invests in multi-family housing redevelopments in the Bay Area. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Taylor. Episode Highlights Key metrics on the housing crisis in San Francisco’s Bay Area and the challenges of doing redevelopment in the area. The need for regulatory process streamlining at the state and municipal levels. The potential for the Opportunity Zones program to improve the housing

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Anu Varadharajan and Michelle Thompson

Academia’s Role in Opportunity Zones, with Anu Varadharajan & Michelle Thompson

Are colleges and universities an untapped resource for Opportunity Zone development? Anu Varadharajan is a tax professor at Tulane University. Dr. Michelle Thompson is a planning and urban studies professor at the University of New Orleans and data fellow at the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. Click the play button below to listen to my conversation with Anu and Michelle. Episode Highlights Opportunity Zone investment trends in New Orleans. The need for academia to become more involved in Opportunity Zone development. How studying tax return data can determine OZ program efficacy. Metrics that could be used to most effectively determine

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