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Jessica Millett

QOF Formation Legal Considerations, with Jessica Millett

What are some of the most important legal considerations when forming an Opportunity Zone Fund? What are some of the pros and cons of corporation, partnership, REIT, and synthetic fund structures? Jessica Millett is partner, chair, and “Wizard of OZ” of the tax practice group at Duval & Stachenfeld, a real estate law firm headquartered

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Ashley Tison

Operating Business Opportunity Zone Fund Strategies, with Ashley Tison

The second tranche of regulations that were published two months ago clarified many questions regarding opportunity zone businesses. What are some strategies for operating business investment that OZ funds should consider? M&A attorney Ashley Tison is founder and CEO of the Charlotte, NC-based Ōz group of companies (pronounced OHz). Ōz is an opportunity zone consulting

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Shay Hawkins

The OZ Fund Trade Group Aiming to Renew the Program, with Shay Hawkins

Why does a trade association for Qualified Opportunity Funds want more data collection and reporting? And could the Opportunity Zone program be renewed at some point in the future? Senator Tim Scott’s former tax adviser, Shay Hawkins is founder and CEO of the Opportunity Funds Association (OFA) — a Washington, DC-based advocacy, education, and communications

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Sasha Favelukis

Activating OZ Communities with Business Container Parks, with Sasha Favelukis

How can incubating local businesses in shipping containers achieve Opportunity Zone community activation and gentrification without displacement? Sasha Favelukis is founder of CoPlace, a San Diego-based investment and advisory firm that performs a mix of real estate and local business investing. They specialize in community activation in Opportunity Zones. Click the play button below to

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Scott Turner

The White House’s Vision for Opportunity Zones, with Scott Turner

How can the resources of the Federal government be leveraged to help deliver generational impact to Opportunity Zone communities? Scott Turner is the newly appointed executive director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council — a group of cabinet members and White House officials charged with coordinating Federal agency efforts to magnify the impact

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico passes Opportunity Zones regulatory bill

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló signed the Puerto Rico Opportunity Zones Development Act last week. The bill creates the regulatory framework for investing in Opportunity Zones on the island and establishes conformity with the federal tax incentive. Several additional incentives are also created by the new law, including: 18.5 percent tax on the net income

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John Lettieri

Opportunity Zones and Economic Dynamism, with John Lettieri

How was the Opportunity Zones initiative created in the first place? And why is this program so radically different from previous place-based policies? John Lettieri is co-founder and president of the Economic Innovation Group, a Washington, DC-based public policy organization that created the Opportunity Zones legislation and continues to inform the rulemaking process. Click the

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Tony Chereso

Opportunity Zones as Portfolio Diversifiers, with Tony Chereso

How can retail investors access alternative investments typically reserved for institutional investors? And where do Opportunity Zones fit into the universe of portfolio alternatives? Washington, DC-based Tony Chereso is president and CEO of the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives, a trade group tasked with advocating for awareness of portfolio diversifying investments (PDIs). Click the play button

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OZ Pitch Day 2021

March 9th, 2021 – Find Your Opportunity Zone Investment