Urban Array Opportunity Fund

The Urban Array Opportunity Fund is an affiliate of the Urban Array Foundation and works in conjunction with the foundation’s partners to provide a vehicle for private investors to speed the development of high promise areas.

The fund will invest primarily in Chicago’s Opportunity Zones with some broader US based investments in other Opportunity Zones, in particular Los Angeles, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

The fund follows specific investing principles that allow it to achieve a competitive edge in the opportunity investing space. The fund has four main goals: 1) Be a catalyst for high growth businesses and asset development; 2) Serve an essential function in developing communities with burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystems within the greater Chicago area; 3) Support the Impact Investing activities of the Urban Array Foundation whose goals are to generate measurable social impact alongside financial return for contributors; and 4) Provide measured returns for its investors while being under no obligation to participate in every project that the Foundation undertakes.

Fund Manager: Marquis Davis
Asset Classes: Business, Real Estate
Fund Size: $5M
Fund Status: Open to new investors
Investment Locations: California, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania
Property Types: Commercial, Office, Residential

Fund Contact Information

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