TVG Real Estate Opportunity Fund, L.P.

Investment Objective: The Partnership’s investment objective is to provide an alternative investment opportunity offering to qualified investors interested in a non-traditional asset for long-term portfolio growth and diversification. The investment objectives are (i) to invest in Qualified Property to capture the potential growth from and tax advantages offered under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act;(ii) to realize growth in the value of investments no earlier than approximately 10 years of the termination of this offering; (iii) to grow net cash from operations so more cash is available for reinvestment into the fund or for distributions to investors; (iv) to pursue a mandate of investment growth and tax efficiency; and (v) to preserve, protect and return capital contribution. Within the Opportunity Zones, the Partnership’s primary investment objective will seek to focus on multi-family and single-family rental, hotel, office, and industrial real estate projects (both initial development and re-development and repositioning opportunities).

Investment Strategy: The Fund will have an investment strategy that focuses primarily on the development and redevelopment of projects and properties within designated Opportunity Zones. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 offers an extraordinary tax break to investors by allowing them the opportunity to defer certain capital gains by investing them in qualified Opportunity Zone investments. Opportunity Zones are specially created geographic districts that allow investors to receive substantial tax breaks for investing in these zones, including the potential for avoiding taxes on gains altogether. Qualified Opportunity Funds are required to hold 90% of their assets in “qualified opportunity zone property,” and that test is given to each fund 6 months after the tax year begins and at the end of each tax year. Since there is no indication as to how fast funds must deploy capital in order to meet this 90% limit, the General Partner intends to invest funds as soon as reasonably possible, with the intention of having a project pipeline which facilitates the same; or to adhere to any timeline set forth required by applicable law, regulations or other guidance as it pertains to the General Partner’s responsibility for meeting the 90% Requirement.

Fund Manager: Owen Barnes
Asset Classes: Real Estate
Fund Size: $10M
Minimum Investment: $50K
Fund Status: Open
Property Types: Affordable Housing, Commercial, Hotel, Mixed-Use, Parking, Senior Housing, Storage, Student Housing, Workforce Housing

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