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Local Grown Salads Opportunity Zone Fund, LLC intends to purchase properties located in Opportunity Zones placing Indoor Vertical Farms in those properties. The Fund is intending to finance the Properties and Farms with investments from investors according to the rules of the 2017 Tax and Jobs Act.


The Indoor Vertical Farming technology requires only 15,000 square feet per farm and 14” to the joists. The Farm is ideally suited to reuse factories and buildings that are abandoned or under-utilized.

LGS creates a new sustainability standard for growing food and creating ready-to-eat salads by exploiting OZs and leading edge AgTech. Indoor Vertical Farming represents a whole new technology play changing the world of food.

LGS founder Zale Tabakman joined our podcast in January 2020 to discuss indoor vertical farming in Opportunity Zones. Click here to listen.

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