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KQOZLF LLP, is a fund established to enable OZ investment into rural, low population, agricultural OZ communities in Kansas and Colorado. The emphasis will be into confined livestock (cattle) start-up businesses. Up to 15 investment units are planned with experienced and very motivated manager/general partners.


The plans optimize beef production, utilize advanced technologies and protect the environment while producing a high value product which will fit well into established markets. An average annual rate of return is anticipated at 7% with a net return to the investor over 6%.

Long-term value should be good with this type of beef production technology currently in it’s infancy (in 10 years this will be dominant production). Each unit will provide 2 new good paying jobs in these low population areas which have suffered declining population for 5 decades or more. The fund is established to properly use the QOZ rules in these type of zones.

Fund Strategy

The investment strategy for the Kansas Qualified Opportunity Zone Livestock Fund includes:

This fund invests in properties in the following states:

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