Kansas Qualified Opportunity Zone Livestock Fund

KQOZLF LLP, is a fund established to enable OZ investment into rural, low population, agricultural OZ communities in Kansas and Colorado. The emphasis will be into confined livestock (cattle) start-up businesses. Up to 15 investment units are planned with experienced and very motivated manager/general partners.

The plans optimize beef production, utilize advanced technologies and protect the environment while producing a high value product which will fit well into established markets. An average annual rate of return is anticipated at 7% with a net return to the investor over 6%.

Long-term value should be good with this type of beef production technology currently in it’s infancy (in 10 years this will be dominant production). Each unit will provide 2 new good paying jobs in these low population areas which have suffered declining population for 5 decades or more. The fund is established to properly use the QOZ rules in these type of zones.

Fund Manager: Richard Wahl
Asset Classes: Business
Fund Size: $50M
Minimum Investment: $10K
Portfolio Type: Multi-Asset
Fund Status: Open
Investment Locations: Colorado, Kansas

Fund Contact Information

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