Invest New Mexico Opportunity Zone Fund 2020

Invest New Mexico’s mission is to inspire New Mexico entrepreneurs to build companies that improve the living standards of New Mexicans.

INM OZFUND 2020, LLC brings Opportunity Zone investing to focus on small businesses within New Mexico. Unlike nearly all other Opportunity Zone, INM OZFUND 2020 is not focused on property development. It has been set up to “Incubate and Fund” businesses owned by New Mexicans, that:

  1. Protect investor’s principle and offer a reasonable rate of return,
  2. Create good-paying jobs,
  3. Support small and local businesses, and
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  5. Provide a path for New Mexico college graduates to find careers in the state.

Like other Opportunity Zone Funds, it will ‘import’ money into the State of New Mexico by matching investors from across the United States with the best small business opportunities within New Mexico. INM OZFUND 2020 will work closely with economic development programs across the State of New Mexico to provide this new approach to addressing the ‘access to capital’ that is a perennial challenge to all small businesses.

Fund Manager: Letitia Montoya
Asset Classes: Business
Fund Size: $25M
Minimum Investment: $50K
Fund Status: Open

Fund Contact Information

For additional information on this fund, contact:

Michael J Segura
[email protected]