Gold Leaf Farming: GLF23 North Avenue Pistachio Development

GLF23 North Avenue: Opportunity Zone Pistachio Development

Gold Leaf Farming is a leading agricultural asset manager with over $200M of equity under management. Gold Leaf focuses exclusively on specialty, supply constrained crops.

Farmland investments offer excellent appreciation and cash flow potential, tax efficiency and have historically performed well as an inflation hedge.

Overview: GLF23 will acquire a mixture of old almonds, open ground and prime almonds. Open ground and old almonds will be redeveloped into pistachios. This will drive substantial appreciation – pistachios trade for 3-5x higher than almonds in this region of CA.

Because of GLF23’s Opportunity Zone structure, investors who invest realized capital gains into GLF23 will not be subject to capital gains tax when GLF23 is sold.



– Net IRR / MoM w/ Tax Benefits: 20.0% / 3.8x

– Net IRR / MoM without Tax Benefits: 12.6% / 3.2x

– First distribution in year 6 as the orchard matures

Fund Manager: Gold Leaf Farming
Asset Classes: Real Estate
Fund Size: $6M
Minimum Investment: $50K
Portfolio Type: Single-Asset
Fund Status: Closed to new investors
Investment Locations: California
Property Types: Farmland

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