CLG Downtown Wichita, Kansas Opportunity Fund

One of the largest and fastest growing cities in the nation, Wichita, Kansas is the perfect location for an investment opportunity in the heart of downtown. Located closely to our newly added, Intrust Bank Arena, we will be featuring a newly designed, cost effective, multi-residential building that accommodates for short term & extended stays. With leasing options available, this “hotel-style” residential complex is expected to generate 3x’s its earned revenue within its early years of being established. It’s gorgeous design and architecture is set to attract locals and visitors within our city, in which has been rapidly gaining popularity throughout the last 5 years. Backed with investors and proper funding, this is an opportunity zone that will continue to generate revenue for many years to come in a rapid growing community.

Fund Manager: CLG Management LLC
Fund Size: $10M
Minimum Investment: $10K
Portfolio Type: Multi-Asset
Fund Status: Open to new investors
Investment Locations: Kansas
Property Types: Commercial, Hotel, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Student Housing

Fund Contact Information

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