ADU OZ Fund LLC is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund creating new affordable housing in San Diego and other suitable markets. They target and acquire 1–4-unit properties within zoning designations that allow the addition of multiple ADUs for more housing. Once acquired, the team obtains entitlements to add the units, rehab the existing structures, and complete the necessary construction. Upon construction, the Fund rents the units, refinances the property, and reinvests into new projects.

The team’s experience in the Southern California real estate market is crucial for analyzing ADU and other value-add opportunities in San Diego. The team consists of a real estate and business attorney, licensed contractor, real estate broker, and close relationships with design and construction professionals. Maximizing the social impact, the team is partnered with non-profit and other organizations that share a common goal to address homeownership and housing for the disenfranchised.

The social impact is real because the need is significant. Using a combination of rehab, new construction, and modular homes, the Fund will increase occupancy substantially. Long-term, the Fund will scale this model into other markets building sustainable subdivisions and apartment complexes using options like ADUs, micro-units and modular homes. ADU OZ Fund, LLC perfectly captures the spirit of the Opportunity Zone to revitalize housing options through creative, sustainable investments.

Fund Manager: Adam Stone, Matt Williams
Asset Classes: Real Estate
Fund Size: $250M
Minimum Investment: $50K
Portfolio Type: Multi-Asset
Fund Status: Open to new investors
Investment Locations: California, Georgia, Michigan, Texas
Property Types: Affordable Housing, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Office, Residential, Workforce Housing

Fund Contact Information

For additional information on this fund, contact:

Adam Stone
411 Camino Del Rio South #300 San Diego, CA.
[email protected]