List of Tacoma, Washington Opportunity Zones & OZ Funds

The city of Tacoma, Washingtonhas 6 designated Opportunity Zones.

In total these Opportunity Zones have a population of approximately 20,000. That represents 9% of the city’s total population of 220,000.

The median household incomefor Tacoma Opportunity Zones ranges from approximately $25,000 to $63,000.

The adjacent map shows all Opportunity Zones in Tacoma. Click on any Opportunity Zone for additional information.

List of All Tacoma OZs

The table below lists all 6Opportunity Zones in Tacoma. The first two rows reflect average values for the state of Washingtonand the Opportunity Zones in the state.

Name County Median Household Income Below Poverty Line Median Home Value Edu High School Median Age
All of Washington n/a $79K 10% $388K 92% 38
Washington OZ Average n/a $47K 24% $261K 88% 35
53053061400 Pierce $25K 38% $246K 84% 36
53053061601 Pierce $31K 33% $407K 90% 41
53053061602 Pierce $62K 38% $324K 91% 37
53053062400 Pierce $63K 12% $214K 93% 31
53053062600 Pierce $45K 8% $186K 87% 31
53053940007 Pierce $58K 19% $187K 84% 33


Washington OZ Funds

There are 16QOZ Fundsin the OpportunityDb database with an investment objective that specifically identify Washingtonas a target market. Additional OZ funds may also invest in Washington; see a complete list of Opportunity Zone Funds here.

Fund Name Asset Classes Property Types Fund Size
Starpoint Opportunity Zone Fund Premium Listing Real Estate Industrial, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing $100M
Arcis Student Housing OZ, LLC Real Estate Affordable Housing, Hotel, Multi-Family Housing, Student Housing
Community Outcome Fund Business, Real Estate Commercial, Infrastructure, Mixed-Use, Residential $500M
Fundrise Opportunity Fund Real Estate Commercial, Mixed-Use, Residential $500M
Galena Opportunity Fund Real Estate Residential $500M
Local Grown Salads Baltimore Opportunity Zone Fund Business, Real Estate Farmland, Industrial $10M
Normandy Opportunity Zone Fund LP Real Estate Commercial, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Office, Residential $250M
OZFund, LP Business, Real Estate Affordable Housing, Mixed-Use
P2P Electric Business, Real Estate Commercial, Education, Energy Development $500K
Papillon Opportunity Fund Business, Real Estate Hotel, Mixed-Use, Office, Parking $50M
PICOZ Fund I Real Estate Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Single-Family Housing $100M
Pinnacle Partners Opportunity Zone Fund Business, Real Estate Affordable Housing, Industrial, Multi-Family Housing, Office, Residential, Senior Housing $200M
REICO Business, Real Estate Commercial, Multi-Family Housing, Residential, Storage $150M
SmartCap Opportunity Zone Fund Real Estate Industrial $15M
Sortis Opportunity Zone Fund I Real Estate Hotel, Office, Residential, Senior Housing $100M
Sound West OZ Fund I Real Estate Hotel, Mixed-Use, Parking, Residential $50M