How to Be a Shrewd Opportunity Zone Investor

Jimmy Atkinson

What does it take to be a shrewd Opportunity Zone investor? Several Opportunity Zone experts provided their insights on a live panel recorded on November 17, 2020 during OZ Pitch Day, titled “Being a Shrewd Opportunity Zone Investor.”

Today’s podcast episode is the audio version of that panel. Moderated by OpportunityDb founder Jimmy Atkinson, the panel featured Dave Kunz of Hall Venture Partners, Rocco Forino of DealConnectHub, Jeffrey Maganis of Crowdcreate, Chris Cooley of OZworks Group, and Gerry Reihsen of Coasis Coalition.

Click the play button below to listen to the audio recording of the panel.

Or, for the video recording, click here.

Episode Highlights

  • Tips for being a savvy Opportunity Zone investor.
  • Why some investors may like off-market deals.
  • Considerations for conducting due diligence as a passive investor in a Qualified Opportunity Fund.
  • Examples of innovative Opportunity Zone deals.
  • The importance of having an investment thesis when entering an Opportunity Zone deal.
  • The assets that are most popular and most worth pursuing within the Opportunity Zone ecosystem.
  • Metrics to measure funds by, including: IRR, fees, prefs, market absorption rate, and market job growth rate.
  • Thoughts on how the Biden administration may change the Opportunity Zone incentive, and whether it may get extended.

Featured on This Episode

Video Recording

Industry Spotlight: OZ Pitch Day

OZ Pitch Day 2020

OZ Pitch Day 2020 was a first-of-its-kind event geared toward matching investors who have capital gains with Qualified Opportunity Funds that are seeking capital. The live event took place on November 17, 2020 and featured pitches from 12 Qualified Opportunity Funds, two educational panels, and an interactive happy hour mixer. OpportunityDb will host more Pitch Day events like this one in 2021.

Learn more about OZ Pitch Day:

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Hosted by founder Jimmy Atkinson, the Opportunity Zones Podcast features guest interviews from fund managers, advisors, policymakers, tax professionals, and other foremost experts in opportunity zones.


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