Opportunity Zone Investing in Silicon Valley, with Urban Catalyst

Erik Hayden

Does the Silicon Valley tech migration create a unique investment case for ground-up development in fast-growing downtown San Jose’s Opportunity Zones?

Erik Hayden is founder and managing partner at Urban Catalyst, a Silicon Valley-based real estate developer and Opportunity Zone fund manager.

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Episode Highlights

  • The investment opportunity that the tech migration currently underway in Silicon Valley provides for geographically-focused Opportunity Zone projects in downtown San Jose.
  • The Silicon Valley job engine, driven by Google and Adobe, among others.
  • Real estate supply and demand in San Jose’s Opportunity Zones, and in particular real estate market trends and construction trends in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Details of some of Urban Catalyst’s downtown San Jose projects.

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Industry Spotlight: Urban Catalyst

Urban Catalyst

Urban Catalyst is a real estate Opportunity Zone fund focused on ground-up development projects in downtown San Jose. Their seven acquired projects across office, multi-family, student housing, senior housing, and hospitality form a diverse portfolio of assets to potentially minimize the risk to investors. They have a unique structure of being both a fund manager and a local developer and have a track record of success in the Bay Area.


Learn more about Urban Catalyst

About the Opportunity Zones Podcast

Hosted by OpportunityDb.com founder Jimmy Atkinson, the Opportunity Zones Podcast features guest interviews from fund managers, advisors, policymakers, tax professionals, and other foremost experts in opportunity zones.

Webinar Transcript

Jimmy: Welcome to the Opportunity Zones Podcast. I’m your host, Jimmy Atkinson. Today’s episode is a condensed audio recording of a live Opportunity Zone Investing Series Webinar, sponsored by Urban Catalyst on August 27th, titled “Opportunity Zone Investing in Silicon Valley.”

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